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Battling for a Boyfriend?


two_women_fighting_over_man_061709_11By Pratishtha Mahajan

Those pretty girls who are still wondering what the hell I will be talking about in this article; well literally I will be talking about battling for a boy friend. Something that has become way too common in our era of social networking. I am sure we all have or will come across a stage in life where along with a couple of others, we our battling for one guys attention. (You know what I mean right? The tall, dark, handsome and Chandeler kind of a funny guy). Two friends eyeing the same person, the consequences are well disastrous and definitely difficult to mitigate. It is but obvious that love and lust for the same man (lucky ass) will turn one of them or both of them into crazy psychopathic bitches.

Thinking how can I be so sure?  Well once this hot shot guy started a battle between me and my friend.  It turns out we both had a big crush on him. What went wrong was we became warriors in the battle. We both tried to bring each other down. At the new year’s party I wore the sexiest dress I had which well helped me  show off my curvaceous body while my friend wore an off shoulder peach dress. We both were looking our best. I went first, I started close dancing with him and I was sure he liked it cause I saw him looking deep in my eyes and intrigued by my presence.  Score: Friend-0 me-1. But my friend surely knew how the battle could be won she dropped apple  juice on her dress which well turned transparent and highlighted her lady parts. It drove the guy’s attention away (well any guy would have been distracted by that). We both were even. Till the clock struck 12 my friend and I continued to catch the guy’s attention, we tried all our moves that we actually ended up having a cat fight. The host  was forced to throw us out of her place. But you know what the funny part was?  The GUY ASKED THE HOST OUT, neither me nor my friend, but the host who wasn’t even a part of the battle. Today my friend and I both believe that the boy friend battle was stupid, it brought  tension between us and it could have ruined our 8 years old friendship.

Well coming back to the battle ground, the real question arises what actually can be done to avoid such world wars 3? The real answer is TALK IT OUT! (Something the xx chromosomes are really good at). It’s very important that three questions are answered.
WHO ARE WE FIGHTING FOR? (The guy- who is he? Where’s he from? Is he worth battling for? )
WHICH ONE OF US SHOULD GO FOR HIM? (For that see who is more compatible with him you or the other girl)

If you are unable to decide who should go for him, ask yourself the most important question
If the answer to this question is yes then you’ll find spectators who’d enjoy viewing you battle for your knight in shining armor, but if your answer is no then your friendships will be free of such stupid boy friend battles.

I would want to conclude saying that, please don’t let a guy turn you into someone you’re not. All you girls are special, precious and unrepeated unique, you don’t need a guy to make you realize your worth.  Just like Rihana says shine bright like a diamond. Your friends are actually the ones who’d stick to you through thick and thin. All I can advise is avoid being a warrior in such a battle because you might win In the field but you could lose someone really important forever . Always remember

Boyfriends may come and boyfriends may go,

But your friends stay on forever!



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