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“Batman v Superman : Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition” Is A Significant Improvement Over The Original And We Discuss How


“Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice” opened to polarizing reactions, it seemed that DC had lost its grip in storytelling until Zack Snyder released the director’s cut which gave us a hope. And boy, it’s a good one!

This movie straightforwardly makes up for all the plot holes and patchy character development compared to the original and sets up an entirely new universe for DC’s future projects.

Here, starting from the opening action sequence in Nairomi, which carefully explained how Superman was framed for the killings in the African nation, director Zack Snyder has made sure to put in his extra 30 minutes at the right places to answer our questions from the theatrical cut.

Coming to the point, in that sequence, the mercenaries sent by Lex Luthor kill and burn the rebel fighters, giving the impression that Supes killed them with his heat vision and thus should be held accountable. It also shows how the local resident Kahina Zuri is involved in a more detailed way.


Lex Luthor, with his unresolved daddy issues, has been given more footage to explain his well-orchestrated plans in this version which adds more depth to the story and solves plot holes.

The movie does a good job at making Lex Luthor look more ambitious although he still is the weak link for me as I expected a more badass Luthor (as per the comics) but here, Snyder makes sure he gives Luthor plenty of daddy issues to fuel his rage towards the authoritarian figure of Superman and manipulate Batman into going head to head with him.


Lex does a clever job of orchestrating the events which are displayed impeccably and how Batman plays right into his trap, that is explained as well. The movie shows added footage of how Batman actually managed to steal the Kryptonite from LexCorp.

Coming to Luthor and the “Capitol” scene, his evil mastermind is exhibited yet again when it is shown WHY SUPERMAN COULDN’T DETECT THE BOMB AS IT WAS LINED WITH LEAD, THE ONLY THING THAT BLOCKS HIS VISION.


Good guy Supes.
Good guy Supes has been explored and often depicted as a hero, especially in the Capitol bombing scene and his character development has improved, along with his agenda to go against Batman.

Since the movie was supposed to be a Man of Steel sequel, plenty of focus goes to Supes including his good side, where he saves the people and helps them after the Capitol bombing and-and then flies off. In the original, he flies off just like that.

Batman is still the standout character with Affleck’s (butt) (which explains the R-rating along with the violence) cheeky one-liners and great timing and his action scenes and kills count are more than the theatrical cut. Jena Malone’s character is given some screen time as well but just as a forensic analyst or researcher.


Steppenwolf with 3 levitating mother boxes, from the much-hyped scene “Communion”, has been confirmed as the new baddie in the upcoming JLA film, putting a hold on the more fan-favorite Darkseid.


The climax is the one point which is intriguing, though. But all for the good. It is finally revealed that Steppenwolf will be the villain of the upcoming Justice League movie, as highlighted in the deleted-then-reinserted-into-the-director’s-cut scene, where Luthor communicates with him. And lastly, Batman has the last laugh, by telling Lex that he has arranged for his stay at the Arkham Asylum.

Concept art for the upcoming Justice League film
Concept art for the upcoming Justice League film

Are we excited for the upcoming Justice League movie in 2017? I know I am.

As for the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman, had this version released instead of the theatrical cut, audiences would’ve had no complaints. Purely engaging.


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