Basmati Blues, no this is not the name of a rice brand but is the name of an extremely disappointing, insulting and down-right idiotic film starring Brie Larson and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

The trailer that has come under the scanner a few days ago, and mind you it was not even released by any of the official production houses but by a random channel on YouTube has risen the wrath of Indians across social media mainly being Twitter.

And now they have an extra 140 characters to truly let loose their anger.

But in all honesty, what were the makers expecting, that we’d all fall at their feets and have our eyes go wide in awe of them coming to our small little nation?

basmati blues

Let me rip-apart this senseless and migraine-inducing trailer of Basmati Blues, along with everything wrong with it:

1. Oh, Brie, Why Did You Say Yes?

I believe this movie is pretty old, or at least prior to Larson winning the Oscar and Golden Globe awards. I mean, the woman hasn’t even shared it on any of her social media platforms, nor has any official press release to it has seen the light of the day.

Pretty sure Larson is banging her head somewhere in her house cursing the day she said yes to this god-awful movie and having to do the idiotic things that this character did.

For her, this is an extremely embarrassing movie that she probably did when she was still an upcoming actor and did not have much choice in terms of work.

But now well… good luck to her now, because the makers are obviously going to use her popularity to the full extent.

basmati blues

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2. I Haven’t Seen This Much BS Ever In My Life

This was perhaps one of the worst 3 or so minutes of my life where I had to watch practically every stereotype, and negatives ones at that, of India be brought to life and that too in such a horrible horrible way.

I felt like I was back in the 90s or early 2000s when Hollywood had practically no clue about India and thought curry, yoga and Appu like accent was what the country was all about.

I still cannot get over the bad characterization of Appu in The Simpsons and don’t even get me started on the Raj character in Big Bang Theory (that is a discussion for another blog another time).

But what the hell was this trailer? The villagers were all speaking fluent English, not even a speck of Hindi, let alone any regional language was being spoken by anyone!

And of course, Larson’s character chokes after eating the ‘spicy curry’ of India. Sigh, I am getting a headache from this crap.

I have watched trailers where other places like Spain and Italy are shown and usually the people there are shown speaking their native language. So it’s cool if it is something exotic like Spanish or Italian, but not when it’s Hindi amirite?

basmati blues

3. White Man Syndrome Much?

Wow, such originality much wow. Truly, hats off to the makers who had this brilliant idea of a white person coming in to save the poor and downtrodden brown people from evil that, that very white person brought.

Hmmm… now, where have I seen this before?

Then everything turns out fine and dandy and the heroine is uttering tourism advertisement-isque dialogues like ‘India is an exciting journey’ and getting her feet washed in brass plates.

It seems like Hollywood still has not gotten over its superiority complex, embedded so deeply into it and wants to keep portraying India and its people as poor, uneducated, and completely incapable of saving themselves until the brave white person arrives on the scene and shows them the ‘right path’.

If you thought Victoria and Abdul was bad, then Basmati Blues just make the former a favourite of yours to watch. The next time someone asks you what is ‘cultural appropriation’ please just show them this trailer, and don’t say another word.

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  1. Yet, I’ve watched Hindi and Holly-Bolly movies where white women are generalized as slutty/disposable girlfriends for Indian boys growing up in America.


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