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If This Is Fashion, Then I Surely Rejoice Not Knowing This Sorcery


By Dashmeet Kaur

Being a low-maintenance person, all I need is my pair of cosy pyjamas and a Who-cares-what-it-looks-like-I-love-this T-shirt that I have no reservations about staining with pizza. Listening to my girl pals talk about any upcoming plans to the mall for shopping is my definition of hell and on a completely different level of NOPE.

Hearing someone talk about contouring and thinking, ‘Cool. I will never in my life do that because I just tried to apply a winged eye-liner and ended up looking akin to a raccoon and that took like, 10 years to learn so, no, thanks.’ *takes a bow*

There’s nothing more bizarre than realizing that you’re the weird one and don’t even get me started on my power of resistance to see a woman with massively high heels and not wanting to hand her a pair of slippers.

Fashion. Cosmetics. Perfect hair are a lot of things that my brain cells would never be able to accept. Gracefully. Now that does not mean that I’d totally judge you on being so updated with fashion BUT when fashion designers lose their minds in the depths of redefining ‘fashion’, that’s when I realize that I’m far too imbalanced to be this fashionable.


Hanger Hanger above my neck, tell me which dress must I pick?

Looks like the designer is really frustrated trying to put all the clothes in her wardrobe. Some serious ‘Hanger’ Management issues.


Oh whoa, what is it with matching your forehead with your hair? On a scale of Princess Rapunzel to Nicki Minaj, I’d say she wins.


Even if the look of disapproval shoots from her facial features, it’s good to know the hair (if I may call it) is still aiming high, no matter side-ways. Get the vibe, you guys!

Maria Sofia Bahlner SS 2013 Fashion Show

It took us a long time to search, but we have finally found the yeti. Hah, never knew yeti was a ‘she’. She sure would’ve moved things with such big feet. *Sings Hello to the Himalayas*


You are what you eat. So the designer is an omelette and she coughed her creativity on this….dress?


Keep in your sane mind, it was a punk idea to practically turn heads and make you feel terrific but What. Did. You. Do. To. The. Poor. Cute. Bears.*Calls department of animal welfare*


Sometimes you cannot decide between two outfits for an event. When you cannot figure out what to wear, just throw on everything. And I mean everything.


Ugh, is it Christmas already? It’s so hard to capture that sexy reindeer with all the … Oh no wait, that’s fashion.

So here were some ridiculously bizarre trends that might just not turn your heads and make you go ‘Seriously whaaa…?’ but also make you question the sanity of the designers.

Ah, I have no room for drama and all that jazz. I’ve got a company of giant, freebie T-shirts and clothes that I find comfort in.

Toodloo people!

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