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Back For Round Five: Game Of Twists, Turns And Dragons


‘Nothing’s more hateful than failing to protect the one you love.’ The trailer for season 5 of HBO’s magnum opus starts off with this ominous foreshadowing and the strains of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’. I present a summary of what we were shown and what we can expect. Beware, spoilers are coming.


HBO "Game of Thrones" Season 5

Jon Snow is introduced doing what he does best- staring solemnly across an icy landscape. It appears that we’re in for another battle beyond the wall and now that he has the support of Stannis ‘one true king’ Baratheon, there’ll be lesser casualties than last time.

Petyr Baelish reprises his role as Pedophile Mentor of the Year advising the (unfortunate) recipient of his disturbing affections, Sansa Stark (now acknowledged bad-ass) to ‘avenge them’. One can assume that this is Sansa’s official induction into the Avengers club which is currently led by her younger sister Arya Stark. There’s a brief shot of Arya in the clip gazing thoughtfully at her sword, dressed as a hippie street urchin in Braavos. What new shenanigans does she have up her sleeve? Wait and watch, because they will be worth it.



Our favourite psycho, wine-chugging queen is back, glaring down every other character in her way. She’s in for a rough ride with her little brother, ‘the monster’ (Tyrion Lannister) missing after murdering their father, her remaining son getting married to Margaery ‘little harlot’ Tyrell (her words) and her brother-lover leaving for Dorne to ensure the safety of their daughter.  Those who’ve been religiously following Game of Thrones will know about the controversy the show was embroiled in about an unclothed scene in a Croatian church, which features the Queen Regent. Wait and watch is all I’ll say.



The imp also makes an appearance….and he’s dyed his hair yellow (I’m really hoping for some Malinga memes).  After being unceremoniously thrown out of a box, we see him plotting the future of the Iron Throne with Varys. There’s a plan to enthrone somebody who’s ‘not a he’, which brings us to…..




Daenerys Targaryen deserves a post dedicated solely to her dialogue-baazi. ‘I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel’. Cue the hooting. However, it’s looking like that’s all that is going well for her. There’s serious unrest in Meereen and nothing shows it better than the massive harpy at the top of the Meereenese pyramid being pulled down by slavers. I guess it’s time to finally get those dragons out.



Shot entirely in Spain and the newest entrant to the Game of Thrones landscape, show watchers will remember Dorne as the home of ‘that hot guy whose brain was turned to fruit jelly in that trial by combat episode’.  There’s a glimpse of his daughters, the ‘Sand Snakes’ who are truly their father’s children in that they kick ass while looking fabulous. Quick reminder that the Martells held the Lannisters accountable for the murder of Elia Martell (wife of Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys’ eldest brother).  Add another dead brother to the mix (RIP Oberyn Martell, you beautiful fruit jelly) and the Dornish are going to be hankering for some serious Lannister blood this season. Tis’ the time for revenge.


If you’re an ardent show lover, you’ll remember that one of Daenerys’s dragons (the biggest one) is missing. Look hard and you might catch a glimpse of him.  And that tid-bit of Melisandre (ahem) seducing? Might just be aimed for our favorite member of the Night’s Watch. Extra points to you reader if you can also catch the growing ambitions of another House in the Game of Thrones (Hint : They are now the most hated people on the show now that King Joffrey Baratheon has joined the fiery pits of hell).  Go see the trailer and tell us what all Easter Eggs you could find. The person who finds the most gets to know who’s the top contender to kick the bucket this season. (and believe me, it’s a doozy)


-By Gauri Gaur


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