Author Deblina Bhattacharya successfully released her latest anthology collection, “My Black Rose.” This compilation of poems was published by Mithaas Publishers and has been receiving rave reviews since then. The book is a poetic narration of the author’s failures and how they helped her move forward.

With ‘My, Black Rose’, readers can understand the poet’s journey and watch how she strives harder for success. This collection could be best described as a voyage through despair and hope, light and shadows, ends and new beginnings. The contrast between these opposing forces makes the collection an interesting read. The author best describes the book as an encapsulation of the ebb and flow of the tides of life. “At its core, ‘My Black Rose’ is a rendition of hope,” said Bhattacharya at her book launch event. 

As one moves through the book, they get an understanding of how deeply writer Deblina understands the idea of hope. The book shows how the author understands its power and credits it to her personal successes. Every word, every sentence helps you connect with the author even more.

“Everyone wants a positive outcome, and that is what gives rise to hope. I mean, hope helps even the most negative of people to think a little positively, keep the optimists optimistic, it keeps us sane when we need it the most… I could go on about how hope helps us all,” said Bhattacharya on why this theme was so important to her. She further added that “Hope improves the quality of our lives because when someone strives to reach a goal, hopes for it, they do everything in their power to reach for it. “

By the end of ‘My Black Rose, ‘ readers are left with the understanding of how hope is a huge part of all our lives. A realization that you can credit hope for our unshattered willpower. The readers are left with the revelation that they are all fighters meant to survive the darkest storms, which is why they shall prevail.

Deblina was motivated to write ‘My Black Rose’ when she noticed how every human has an instinct that pushes them to survive the worst! It is inspiring how in spite of dealing with darkness, one does not lose the light and the hope of healing. “And in the end, that is what my book is about; holding on to hope in the darkest of times,” explained the 22-year old author.

She further spoke about the beauty of hope and how it’s something that will get the world moving forward in tough times like these. “Through my poems, I aim to share my journey of ups and downs and how the power of hope got me through it all. Hopefully, these poems will inspire my readers, some of whom may be going through tough times of their own, to seek to find a light.” 

Deblina’s previous publication ‘Knots,’ which was also her maiden book, was also a raving success. This collection explores the realities of mental illness & suicide, social taboos & violence against women, pain & darkness, self-love & healing in all its naked glory. This collection was an Amazon bestseller and touched the hearts of hundreds of readers across the globe. It is the very success of this book that encouraged her to publish ‘My Black Rose.’

Currently, Deblina Bhattacharya is working towards writing her debut novel. Though she enjoys writing poetry, she believes there are many genres of fiction that she is yet to explore.

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