Atul Gupta, music producer, and singer-songwriter has been self-producing his albums and now also started his own production house ‘Young Homie’. His upcoming third album “Nemesis” is an emotional ride for the listeners as his songs are beautifully directed with a variety of musical arrangement which keeps the listeners intact throughout the tracks.

His latest releases from the album ‘Nemesis’ include Everytime I’m Falling down, Kinds of Lies, Oceanview, I Miss you today, Above the Sky, and more. Atul has also released music videos for these tracks with Young Homie Production. He finds inspiration from various artists like 1975, Linkin Park, etc. Music is poetry disguised as melancholic melodies. He adds, he is also an avid reader and the lyrics show his great taste in vocabulary and how he uses them as a great emotional tool to convince his listeners.

He listens to various types of music to develop his production, writing, and composition skills. The shift in his music-making where” my best days with her” was an acoustic natural instrument-driven album to his 2nd album “Soulart” where he has experimented with synths and the modern elements of pop music, shows the transition and growth that he’s come across over the years. We’re waiting to see his music grow with his upcoming album ‘Nemesis.’

Atul was also featured in the popular magazine ‘The Rolling Stones India’ and his popular tracks like ‘Be With Me’ and ‘Tired of You’ were featured in top editorial playlists on Spotify. Atul has released his debut album ‘my best days were with her’ and sooner released his second album ‘Soulart’.

“Nemesis album helped me channel out my emotions and I got to work with so many artists in this album, all the songs in this album took a long effort and time and finally I’m too excited for it to be discovered,” says Atul.

Atul has been self-learning music production since he was twelve years old and at the age of 18, he dropped out of college decided to pursue music for the full time and since then he has worked with so many artists and completed over 200+ tracks through his ‘Young Homie.’

Initially, he had faced many backlashes with this decision but with time his parents and his brother were supportive towards his decision.

“I have gained experience doing music and working with people and it has inspired me to keep going, I want to dedicate this album to all who supported me along my journey, I hope ‘Nemesis’ is loved by the listeners.” He concludes.

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