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Attention Music Lovers! 100 Pipers Is Finally Bringing The Dire Straits Experience To India To #PlayForACause


Being an ardent lover of music and more than that of classic rock, the news that The Dire Straits Experience, the iconic British band is finally making its India debut made my ears quirk up. (you know, like a bunny rabbit).

The band will be performing live in Gurgaon and Bengaluru on 17th and 19th March respectively.

The event will have the original Dire Straits members Chris Whitten (drums) and Chris White (sax, flute, percussion, vocals) as well as Terence Reis (Lead Vocals and Guitar).

It is a must for any fan of rock music (and especially, of Dire Straits) to attend. You don’t want to miss seeing the live rendition of some of their greatest hits like Walk of Life, Brothers in Arms, Money for Nothing, Tunnel of Love and more.

Why you ask, are they finally coming to India after so long and after so many prayers for them to perform here?

Actually, the reason is nobler than you might think. 100 Pipers is bringing the band to India as part of their wonderful initiative – Play For A Cause.

What Is Play For A Cause?

The band will be supporting ‘Play For A Cause’ an initiative by 100 Pipers that motivates us to ‘Be Remembered For Good’ and the aim this time is to provide sustainable drinking water to villagers in Rajasthan.

The 100 Pipers’ Play For A Cause has been a long going initiative and is geared towards making a difference in our society.

In the last couple of years itself, they have partnered with over 400 leading artists from India and abroad to support a variety of causes in India. This year they are planning to tackle the acute water shortage that exists in Rajasthan and help the villagers there. This will directly impact the people by providing a life to them.

The NGO Advit Foundation, working in collaboration with 100 Pipers will be executing the project post the event.

the dire straits experience

Why You Should Take Notice?

Well, for one the good cause that you will be supporting. And second, do you really want to miss The Dire Straits Experience in India?

Tomorrow, when your kids look at you and ask why you did so, what face will you show to them?

I kid. I kid.

But seriously, music has this wonderful way where it can unify a wide and varied group of people. It transcends culture, race, gender, and religion.

For more information on the event, you can go to the 100 Pipers Facebook page.

the dire straits experience

The booking for tickets started from 13th February 2017, so get going right now if you want to get good seats.


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