I sincerely thank president Xi Jinping for blocking our roads and making us late for college, the lecture for which we leave an hour early every day, just to get that double attendance or the meeting the mighty CEOs of leading MNCs had to conduct, which, today, wasn’t written in our stars. And I would also like to extend my vote of thanks to the Indian govt. for being ever so indebted to our support, mixed with that last straw of patience which is now hanging by a thread. #AcheyDin


VIP or foreign President Visits are quite common in India (no shit Sherlock), but with every passing visit, every passing sedan with the red-flickery-annoying-thing on top and every passing VVIP movement, my blood boils because by default this is an indication of long lines of traffic and missed work. For starters, we, the people, who vote for a stable and ‘mature’ government (that comes begging to us for support like a brat who wants a new toy), have to face the wrath of same mundane phenomenon which goes around every five years, more so, over the last 100+ days all we’ve got is speeches (at times forced) and long faces.

So basically, my rant today is regarding the dysfunctional Indian government, who, by all means is definitely NOT showing us the ‘Achey Din’ where the same old “kamaal ka desh hai, pizza aane ki 30 minute guarantee, aur ambulance ko dekho, aayi hi nahi…” dialogue is echoed every now and then.



The crux of the matter is that, you come to us, pleading, on the border line of threatening, to support the new face of India in lieu of a better tomorrow and we, like moony-eyed-love-struck puppies go wagging our tails on the election day, ever so excitedly to get our nails painted with that horrible ink which just won’t budge until your grandchildren have died and then double-tap (India’s own insta-vote people!) that button with your symbol on it, only to be a, month later, finding ourselves stuck on the same roads, in the same road block, while the new government goes VIP-ass-licking? Yes. Because #YOLO.

All in all, my question would be, why are we – The Public, The Backbone of this god-forsaken Country- who bought you to power, treated like second class citizens below those who come for a two-day-three-nights package with complimentary breakfast and a Spa?! Again. Because #YOLO. *insert the choicest of profanities*





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