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Ashton Sylve: The future of boxing


We live in a world, where everything changes so often, so fast, that really no one can predict the future, However there are a few things that don’t change like boxing, although it dates back to probably one of the oldest sports out there. It is said, what you did in the past is history, what you do in the future is a mystery. Predicting the future is not easy, but talents like Ashton Sylve are making the difference. This 16 years old teenage boxer is making a difference, he’s also making the future very clear for himself and for us to see. 

Born in Long Beach, Ashton Sylve turned professional at just 16 and not only that, he won his first two fights and is eagerly waiting for the next one. The rumours that have risen to the surface are that Ivan Sylve Ashton’s father has received a number of promotional offers with figures that are in the millions and offers from a number of brands that are all queuing up to try and take a slice of the Sylve pie, but Ivan believes they must remain focused and continue to proceed forward until the right offer has been made. Ivan Sylve said earlier in the year” we take pride in our work and we do things properly, Ashton and anyone that steps into the gym give everything they have whenever they come here, we win on purpose.

Sylve has been nicknamed H2O due to flawless fighting style and has been endorsed by legends at this young age. He shares that every challenge he encounters is his opportunity for growth, success is no accident for him, it is due to his hard work and perseverance that has made him who he is today. 

The Past has shown that it has never been easy for champions, Sylve has learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached, but by passing the obstacles every day. He says that a boxer’s real fight is not just in the ring but it is in real life, when life punches you out, you can get up and prepare yourself for the next punch. He had his first boxing match at the tender age of 6 and has been trained at JackRabbit Boxing ever since, he hasn’t looked back and has been unstoppable.

Sylve has advisors including Sal Jobe and Oli Ward, pioneers who are flourishing him to take his career to the next level, to become the future of boxing. Oli Ward runs the global agency First Access Sports and Sal Jobe is the actor turned famous sports agent who was praised by Forbes earlier this year. Oli shared yesterday on his Instagram handle (@ollyward77) that fighting the best is where Sylve will definitely find positive growth, one timeless factor that has always been needed for great boxing is to continuously excel your skills and make your fans get excited about your fight.

 Jobe in recent talks with the media expressed that even during this pandemic, the fans of fighter Ashton Sylve have been focused on his movements, he’s leading. He has gained a massive following, not by chance but because he’s a trendy interactive prospect he’s just starting out,so soon you might find the count in millions. Sal Jobe says he is not only seeing Ashton Sylve as the future of boxing, he is seeing Ashton Sylve as the heart of boxing fans too. He was able to measure the passion in Sylve’s punches, he was fearless, flawless and had some massive abilities that many legendary champions have shown us. Jobe is forecasting a few belts around his waist in a short time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Snoop Dogg are just a few names who have endorsed him and certainly the world is looking at him as “The future of boxing”. He is not going to be another Floyd Mayweather or Muhammad Ali, he is going to be just Ashton Sylve, a new champion that the world will remember forever.

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