Ashneer Grover has certainly entered the celebrity status, especially after his much talked about stint in the Shark Tank India show. His controversial, over-the-top, crass and even rude comments toward the contestants made him the talk of the town on social media.

The resulting memes and reaction videos only worked to make him even more popular than he ever was before and we can clearly see that the co-founder of BharatPe is surely enjoying his newfound famous status.

Grover’s recent controversy with his own company, all the drama from it, his voluntary leave and eventual resignation from the company had a lot of people talking just because of how ‘masala’ filled it was.

Even all that didn’t really diminish Grover’s fame, instead only heightened it, case in point his participation in a YouTube comedy skit.

Ashneer Grover’s Comedic Timing

Ashneer Grover featured in a video with content creator and comedian Shubham Gaur that showed in a funny way the difference between rich and middle-class people. Specifically in how the two groups differ when giving directions to their home to someone.

Where Shubham plays the average middle-class Indian obviously Grover is essaying the part of a rich person. In the video, Gaur can be seen asking Grover that “I have almost reached. Tell me where to come,” to this Grover says that “Bring your car in the service lane. My guard will be outside. Ask him, he will park your car.” Gaur then exclaims that “This person wearing a Gucci T-shirt is your guard?”

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Grover to this replies that “He sweeps inside, guard is a different person. Once you park inside, my Maybach is parked too. It’s a bit long, cross it and come. There’s a Porsche parked behind it. On the right of the Porsche, there is a personal lift, a private lift. It opens at my front door. Come and ring the doorbell.”

The difference is shown when Gaur as a middle-class person is giving directions to his home to his friend and says that “Yes you have to take a left from the roundabout. Yes, foreigner, the road on which the dog has defecated. Yes, you must drive down the battered road. Come in, there’s plenty of parking space. I’ll make sure you get a spot to park.”

Saloni Gaur also features in the video and says the line “You’ve asked someone to bring the car into the lane again? Our neighbours will create an issue now.”

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