New Delhi (India), April 8: Asha M. Thomas, a distinguished member of the Core Committee of the World Designing Forum, has extended a warm welcome to four notable individuals who have joined the organization’s Advisory Board. Nivedita Basu, a renowned producer and Vice President of Atrangi Channel. Amit Tyagi, Chief Executive Editor, Parul Chawla, and Shanthi Priya, an acclaimed Bollywood actress, have joined the World Designing Forum’s Advisory Board, bringing their diverse expertise and experience to contribute to the organization’s mission of promoting design excellence globally.

Asha M Thomas, an enthusiast broadening her horizons in the realm of fashion designing and Management, is hailing from the state of Kerala and settled in Bangalore. Her educational qualification ranges from an MBA in Marketing to a Master’s Diploma in Fashion Designing and Management.

Nivedita Basu, a well-known name in the entertainment industry, has made significant contributions as a producer and creative force behind several successful TV shows and digital content. Her deep understanding of storytelling and visual aesthetics will undoubtedly enrich the World Designing Forum’s initiatives in leveraging design for media and entertainment. With her wealth of experience in the entertainment world, Nivedita Basu’s insights are expected to provide valuable perspectives on the intersection of design and entertainment industries.

Amit Tyagi, a highly respected media professional with years of experience in journalism and editorial leadership, brings his strategic insights and industry knowledge to the Advisory Board. As the Chief Executive Editor, his expertise in content creation and curation is expected to provide valuable input to the World Designing Forum’s efforts in advancing the field of design journalism. His understanding of media dynamics and trends will contribute to the Forum’s initiatives in promoting design as a powerful communication tool.

Parul Chawla, a distinguished entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast, has carved a niche for herself in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Her extensive experience in brand management, fashion events, and talent management will be a valuable addition to the Advisory Board, as the World Designing Forum seeks to promote excellence in fashion and design. Her expertise in the fashion world will bring fresh perspectives to the Forum’s initiatives in the realm of fashion and lifestyle design.

Shanthi Priya, a well-known Bollywood actress with a successful career in the film industry, brings her artistic flair and creative insights to the Advisory Board. Her experience in the world of acting and performance arts will provide unique perspectives on the role of design in the entertainment industry. Her understanding of visual aesthetics and storytelling will be an invaluable asset to the World Designing Forum’s initiatives in promoting design excellence in the realm of performing arts.

Asha M. Thomas, on behalf of the Core Committee of the World Designing Forum, expressed her excitement and appreciation for the inclusion of these accomplished individuals on the Advisory Board. She highlighted their diverse backgrounds and expertise, which are expected to further strengthen the organization’s commitment to promoting design excellence and fostering innovation across various domains. Her international presence was noted in the fashion arena when she worked for two years in Dubai as the designer of Party and Bridal Gowns, and her design conveyed the true sense of the exemplary work of an Indian to the French, the English, the African, Arab’s and many more.

Shared her expertise for boutiques like Soucika by Kamalraj and Lynns Village and worked with Lynette Clark (Miss India 1973, Actress and Fashion Designer). Her profound knowledge in the field has elevated her position to be a jury member to Ms. Kerala and Mr. Kerala, and participated in various talk shows and fashion events as a jury organizer. Asha has written articles for various print media like Malayala Manorama, Fashion Line magazine, and Sambhadyam.

Her exquisite work has paved the entry for the Taj Mahotsav in Agra, where she represented cultural costumes hailing from the state of Kerala. There she have been honored by the Law and Justice Minister Shri S.P.Singh Baghel and Ex-Minister Shri Ramsakal Gurjar.

The World Designing Forum, known for its interdisciplinary approach and global outreach, is poised to benefit greatly from the collective wisdom and experience of Nivedita Basu, Amit Tyagi, Parul Chawla, and Shanthi Priya. As the organization continues to drive forward its vision of advancing design as a catalyst for positive change, the inclusion of these esteemed individuals in the Advisory Board is expected to bring fresh perspectives and propel its impact on the global design community to new heights.


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