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As The New Face of Boston Real Estate, Willie Mandrell Is Revealing All Of His “Cash Flow Secrets”


Willie Mandrell is a multifamily cash flow investor and has been on the Boston real estate scene since 2006. He began his investing career like most, buying his first multifamily as an owner occupant and learning the business in the trenches. He quickly fell in love with the idea of buying income-producing assets and started reading everything he could around the topics of business & investing. “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you will earn” says Willie Mandrell. Willie has read more than a hundred books around business, real estate and finance. “I promised myself when I wrote my book, I would trim out all the unnecessary information and give my readers exactly what they needed to succeed”.

In 2009 Willie founded a group called Boston Wealth Builders. He wanted to surround himself with other investors in the area who had a similar passion around real estate. “I was lonely. I had friends but not too many of them were on the same path I was. I wasn’t into the club scene. I really just wanted to get rich and I knew real estate would be the best path to get me there.” Boston Wealth Builders, now Wealth Builder Nation, has more than 3000 members and Willie has expanded his investment network to 10 other cities across the country. “Wealth Builder Nation is a community of investors who share information with each other and learn new trade secrets from one another. It’s absolutely been one of the biggest reasons for my success”.

“When it comes to building wealth, one of the most powerful tools for any investor is a good understanding of leverage.” In his new book “Cash Flow Secrets”, Willie shares thirty-five of his best real estate and personal finance secrets most people were never taught in high school or college.  Willie says “the book is all about showing the new investor how to go from 2 to 10 units very quickly with little money out of their own pocket”. He tells the reader how he grew up “poor” in public housing and how he worked several jobs while also attending college at night. He shares these stories so he can show others that real estate is a real-life path to wealth no matter where you are starting your journey. “I truly believe that anyone can build wealth in this business. Real estate isn’t a fade. It isn’t going anywhere. People will always need a place to live”.

Willie’s current real estate portfolio consists of just under 50 residential units and he has plans to double that number in the next couple years. “As a young black man in a white-collar business, I think it’s important that I put my face out there and show other people of color that this is certainly a career that they can also pursue.” Willie lives 10 minutes outside of Boston with his wife and two children.

You can learn more about ‘Cash Flow Secrets’ and Willie’s other books on Amazon.com 

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