The full and official trailer to the final Avengers film, at least one that is culminating a series spread over 10 years almost, was released on 14th March. 

This movie has been in anticipation ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe started the journey towards the first Avengers movie and giving us the biggest coming together of superheroes in one film. 

Starting from 2008 with Iron Man, many of us have been there since the beginning, and it is surely an emotional moment for all to see it’s end. 

The trailer is brilliant in almost every way, teasing Tony stuck in space, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and more in the over 2-minute trailer. 

It also gave us some iconic lines like ‘Whatever it takes’ and ‘Not Us’ that will surely be used for a variety of memes and jokes. 

We also got some easter eggs like the Quantum suits, Tony being back with the Avengers (?), Nebular fighting with someone, and more that have left us feeling extremely excited for the 26th April release. 

In the meantime though, our desi people have already jumped on board with some creative and hilarious memes and jokes. Here are a few that caught my eye:






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So these were just some of the memes that we found which showed the creativity of Indian Marvel fans. The fandom will surely go into a tizzy once the film actually releases. 

Do let us know in the comments if you found any more worthwhile desi memes around the trailer. 

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