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As A Student Of Jadavpur University, Here’s What I Saw


Jadavpur University is back in the headlines again. A few weeks ago, in the aftermath of the JNU row, students of the university were criticized because a handful of them shouted anti-national slogans in a rally. This time, students were allegedly beaten up brutally when they clashed with ABVP supporters who forcefully entered the campus.


Chronology of Events:

  • ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ by Vivek Agnihotri was scheduled to be screened in the Triguna Sen Auditorium on 6th But the permission for screening was revoked in the afternoon on Thursday.
  • On 6th May, ABVP members organized a rally outside the university campus to protest against cancellation of permission for the screening; but it was not allowed to enter the campus.
  • Around 5p.m, Vivek entered the campus along with ABVP supporters, most of whom were outsiders. Students of the university were present there with banners and black flags.
  • At this time chaos broke out. Students were beaten up by the ABVP supporters, female students were allegedly molested. Amidst all these, the film was screened in the university playground.
  • 4 persons, accused of molesting, were handed over to the police by students. Meanwhile, Rupa Ganguly arrived at the spot to release those 4. They were later released by the police.
  • Two students were beaten up by goons near Jadadavpur Police Station.

Why Jadavpur University?

ABVP has a negligible presence in West Bengal. Display of hooliganism in open daylight in a premier institute has instilled fear in the minds of students and teachers across the state. ABVP has made it clear that if authorities or students refuse to comply with its wishes, they won’t hesitate to resort to violence.

What’s Next?

Nothing is more harrowing than to see students being beaten up in the campus, which is considered as ‘second home’ by most of them. The pandemonium could easily have been avoided if outsiders were not allowed to enter the campus. The student’s union has so far been against any restriction on who can enter the campus. In the aftermath of the clash, it will be interesting to see whether they change their position or not.

Jadavpur University takes pride in its pluralism. But it should not come at the cost of peace. In the past few years, the university has experienced too many violent events. It is high time that effective actions are taken to prevent such incidents forever.

I, as a student of Jadavpur University, can proudly say that despite all these events, our university still remains one of the best research institutes in India. Academic excellence has never suffered here because of chaos. I find no reason to doubt that the reputation of our university will remain unscathed after the latest controversy.

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