Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is loved by people, globally. There are various kinds of beers ranging from ales to lager and stout.

Big and small brands of beer have dotted the Indian liquor scene for ages, influencing drinking patterns, preferences and trends. The microbrewery trend that snowballed into a cult in Gurgaon, has only recently set foot in the capital.

Restaurateurs and beer lovers have expressed immense joy on hearing the news. The venture is expected to be a revenue churner and is also expected to amplify the nightlife of Delhi that has apparently sobered down. With avenues for further experimentation, little seems to be wrong with the coming in of microbreweries to Delhi.

However, as a beer lover, I fall into the minority category of people who don’t like the idea of craft beers from microbreweries.

Microbreweries and craft beer

In layman’s terms, a microbrewery is essentially a small, independent brewery that is not completely commercialized and uses fairly traditional methods of brewing beer.

They function in sharp contrast to MNC’s like Kingfisher, Budweiser and Heineken among others.

The fundamental product of microbreweries is Craft Beer. Craft beer is often defined as something which it is not, in essentially negative terms: it is something that isn’t produced on a large scale.

Craft beer is unique to every brewery that creates it. They add their own special elements to it. While the basic structure of the beer remains the same (hops, malt, yeast and water), they add unique flavours to it, during the brewing process.

The various techniques and styles of brewing the beer also contribute to its ‘crafty’ nature.

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Why is craft beer not for everyone?

For someone like me, who started her drinking journey with beer, it seems unlikely that I’d be averse to experimentation when it comes to the brew that I love. However, that is far from it.

I really don’t enjoy craft beer. As much as I appreciate the fact that it provides employment, opportunity and revenue to up-and-coming business ventures, I do not understand it.

To me, it’s just a fancy trend that has been picked up by youngsters today, much like veganism.

Coming to the point on why I dislike craft beer, I’d start by saying that it tastes weird. I’ve tried quite a few kinds of craft beers, for the sake of experimentation, but I wasn’t amused.

Their taste is peculiar to me, or perhaps my taste buds aren’t as evolved. I resent the addition of added flavour like molasses, fruits and spices. I don’t want my beer to taste like food!

Secondly, craft beers are more expensive than regular, commercial beers, owing to the fact that they’re artisan. As a student on a budget, I don’t want to pay double the price for a beer.

The future of craft beer in India

Needless to say, despite my own reservations with the drink, craft beer has a bright future in India indeed. People have already shown so much thrill and excitement.

Restaurants are converting to or starting afresh as microbreweries that will offer a wide range of beers to people.

While I can’t say for sure how long this trend will last, but I can say that the concept is certainly innovative!

Sources: Times of India, The Spruce Eats

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  1. Hello Janhavi
    I appreciate your curiosity to know about the craft beer scene but there were few of points in your article that were quite ill-informed, I would like to share with you my little understanding of the market and beer in general


  2. Hi Janhavi ,

    I just want to know which craft beer made you form such an opinion about craft beer in general and the weird taste you got from it ?

  3. The article is completely off track.Its more like a personal opinion, could be because of something badly brewed.


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