An American vlogger is being called out for a viral video where on a trip to Pakistan, he tries to eat things there until he gets food poisoning.

Many did not appreciate this and felt it was just another Western person being disrespectful to the culture and place and using them for entertainment.

What Did The Vlogger Do?

Colin, an American travel blogger (@colinduthie) has been posting on his Instagram about his trip to Pakistan. On June 18th, he posted a clip of trying a challenge where he would eat street food in Lahore, Pakistan until he got food poisoning.

In his post, he wrote “Pakistan is one of my favorite places to eat. Definitely one of my favorite days from my trip to Pakistan was exploring the narrow streets in the walled city of Lahore. Didn’t include this in the video but most of the food was actually gifted to me as a gesture of hospitality.

Pakistanis are some of the kindest people in the world. Also, going to a country in a few days without street food so the series will be on hold for a week or so. Anyways, so happy with how these are coming out. Hope everyone enjoys them!”


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The content creator did mention that while the food in Pakistan was very delicious, he was unable to complete his challenge and did not experience any food poisoning.

He said, “The food in Pakistan tastes really good and I did not have food poisoning.” 

However, while he praised Pakistan, its people, and its culture, many netizens did not like the ‘challenge’ he was going for and what it could mean. There is a big stereotype that street food, especially in Asian or Desi regions is often not digestible by white or Western people and they often end up getting food poisoning.

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There are also questions about how hygienic such foods are, with many Western travellers commenting on how the people making them do not wear gloves or the areas are dirty and unclean, giving a wrong impression of South/South-East Asian regions in particular.

There is even a phrase for this experience called Delhi Belly, which essentially refers to stomach or gastric issues like diarrhoea, constipation, and more that foreigners get when visiting India.

Thus, many felt the American vlogger was just playing into these stereotypes with his video and propagating wrong stereotypes.

One user wrote “The weirdest thing you can find is on your mirror. Don’t travel to places if you’re going to insult their way of living for internet points” while another said “Why do white people do things like this?” and “This is the whitest thing I have ever seen.”

One commenter wrote “He will eventually develop a super saiyan level immunity lol” while another said, “‘Weirdest thing I can find’ and it’s just halwa and a lassi”.

Another netizen did not like the video and commented “Wow I’m shocked. To tell us in the mic that you’re scared, and think you’re going to get poisoned by the food for views but then smile in the faces of locals isn’t wild?”

A commenter wrote “That’s how u appreciate the people welcome u to the country? Shame …”

One user called it disrespectful writing “This is so disrespectful to the culture. Halwa and lassi are the tastiest dessert and drink and bro thinks he will get food poisoning just because he hasn’t seen anything like it.”

Another wrote “Lol ‘weird’ foods? That’s incredibly disrespectful. If you grew up on sandwiches that’s fine. Food you haven’t been exposed to before isn’t ‘weird’ it is ‘new’ or ‘different’. English is your first language bestie choose better, more respectful words.”

Some, however, did not mind and appreciated the shoutout to Pakistan with one user writing “Bro’s immunity has been upgraded” and “Pakistani food is amazing. Try as many dishes as you can.” While one wrote “Being Paki I actually loved this series and I’m glad you liked the food.”

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