Are you having an ‘arranged marriage’? Beware !


I was on cloud nine when I heard that my dearest cousin was getting married the next month. The season of fest and fervour was here at home. I was a bit startled to hear some of the mausis and taijis praising the young bride and calling her ‘agyakari’ just because she was marrying the person of her parents’ choice. However, it was all more surprising and shocking when mom told me that she took her decision in a span of 2 hours. I mean, really 2 hours. Is it shocking for you? Yes, obviously but don’t take it that way because maximum decisions in our country to get married are taken in a span of an hour or two or a week may be. Even in today’s so called modern India, 60% of couples have had arranged marriages.

 ‘Arranged marriages’ can be called a process where the guy can just have a glance of the girl and the girl cannot even look up at him. Apparently, that would take away all the ‘lajja’ from her. Most importantly, when it is a matter of show-off only, nobody will actually reveal the natural being. The best of the clothes put up, exclusive décor of the house and some of the most expensive gifts being exchanged. Oh! Is that what all means to get married? How can someone spend his whole life with a complete stranger? Is there some ‘gamble’ going on here?

The movies like ‘Vivah’, ‘Hum Saath Saath hain’ etc. might have  beautifully brought out one side of the coin but  the other side of the coin says that failure of understanding between the two companions and the two families can give way to some serious repercussions like divorce, suicide, dowry, division of families etc.


Two different personalities put together may create the most beautiful relationship in the world but at the same time, there is a possibility that the things may take a 360-degree turn. Life is a long journey. If you do not have a partner who is not ‘just the one’, your life can take altogether a different route. I do not condemn the fact that arranged marriages have worked very successfully in our country and our parents will always take the best decisions for us but things just fall out of their hands, too, after one gets married.

It is high time that the society should stop passing those ‘haww’ statements about love marriages. They need to consider the beautiful relation of understanding and maturity between the individuals. Marriage is a lifelong commitment of not just two bodies but two hearts, two souls living together. So,  who will be deciding your life partner? You or family’s favourite ‘Rishtey karvaane vaali aunty’??


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