April 19: It is one thing for a sector to be financially promising and it is another thing for it to be evolutionary. Metaverse and blockchain are both. But the ambiguity of it all contributes to the public’s skepticism. Perhaps more blockchain specialization would make it more inviting.

For a lot of people, Metaverse became a sensation after Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the company would be called“Meta.” But for crypto enthusiasts, the crypto market has shown signs of immense growth by the day with the addition of Metaverse. 

The Brand essence Market Research Company’s global Metaverse market valuation is expected to reach $596 billion by 2027, which is at a CAGR of 44.8%. This means that Metaverse applications are booming and are set to skyrocket in the coming years.

However, there is one underlying problem – the unavailability of a base framework to develop Metaverse applications over the blockchain. Metarix aims to cater to this problem. 

What is Metarix?

Metarix is a new blockchain designed to support decentralized applications (DApps) on the Metaverse blockchain, the first blockchain in existence that combines the metaverse world with blockchain. 

Metarix is a fully operational Metaverse platform to revolutionize the virtual world while also providing a fun and satisfying experience to a large number of people. 

Its primary goal as a Metaverse platform is to provide secure and long-term solutions to all crypto and NFT enthusiasts, creatives, and other diverse users. The platform will serve as a primary location for a range of activities. 

It will be a virtual environment with a variety of entertainment options such as gaming, music, culture, art, science, shopping, and fashion.  A one-stop-shop for diverse individuals to join, connect, play, get entertained, construct, own, participate, purchase, and monetize their Metaverse experiences.

What Does Metarix Offer?

It’s a layer-2 blockchain solution that allows developers to easily create and integrate NFT and Metaverse DApps over blockchain along with other technologies like DeFi etc. The project is entering its initial stages of development, to become the first specialized blockchain for Metaverse.

What’s more? Metarix provides software development kits (SDKs) to create games and Metaverse apps over Metarix blockchain. It also has an NFT marketplace where collectors meet collectibles. Plus, it has a native token called MTRX, developed over BSC. 

Metarix also has its own decentralized Metaverse land in form of 11 islands named Doge Park, Shiba Shopping District, OpenSea Art and Museum Center, Gala Gamezone, Cosmos Casino, Ripple Party City, Sol Fashion District, Hex Game Plaza, Bitcoin Business City, and Ethereum, Binance and Ada Ape Islands.

What Makes Metarix Unique?

Users can earn money, build networks, trade NFTs, socialize dogecoin, and the list goes on. Metarix is a tokenized decentralized Metaverse theme park with 12 zones, 9 themes, and 3 virtual properties. It provides limitless opportunities for user engagement and future growth in the Metaverse.

It is also intended to provide users with innovative contemporary solutions. To that end, they’re developing a virtual theme city, gaming, and NFTs platform. Metarix will be a decentralized metaverse theme park with 12 zones and 9 different themes. Their theme park will be a dogecoin, Shibainu, and bitcoin haven. To know more visit https://metarix.network/



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