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Google, the Corporate behind Android, might just release their own voice assistance capability at this week’s I/O conference. HTC has already hinted at a Siri Rival through Social networking Websites. Also, Samsung has S-Voice which is there on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. LG has Quick Voice. Even Indian Based Company Micromax has come out with AISHA.

These Companies have one thing in common here. All are not innovative at the ground root level and are industry followers. Apple on the other hand is a leader trying to be different. These Companies have always been taking a standard prototype and developing on it with different features.

While Siri on iPhone is by far most praised voice assistance service, Apple might be at a loss when other companies try to sell the same thing by rejecting the product’s Negative Aspect and adding some better capabilities.

Can we smell an indirect collective conspiracy against Apple by industry rivals? Well, one thing is for sure. Taking Apple Head On is something they would try to avoid. But passively increase company strength and come out with better technology.

Although if they have to beat Apple, they need to come out with path-breaking features which Apple doesn’t have. Thinking One Stp Ahead should be the game plan for all Companies.

All companies must focus on consumer connect and Technological diversity. Samsung is just about to 10 million mark by July End for SIII. SIII is one smartphone which has been able to keep Apple on the sidelines.

As for now, I speculate that Apple must be doing it’s best to improve on iPhone 5. And they surely will have other company executives sitting with notepads in their launch conferences.


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