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Apple’s Iphone 5 Special Edition: Is It Upgrading Or Downgrading?


By Siddharth Sharma

iPhone 6 se “iPhone 5se”. Apple has down-upgraded, people; it has come to believe that short is the new-old sexy. Or maybe old is gold. Whatever. Apple 5se (SE short for Special Edition) is the new phone apple is launching on March 18 2016, along with iPad 3 and some watch updates. Haha, not again! Even the Undertaker doesn’t make so many comebacks.

What’s New

For one thing, this really is special because Apple usually launches its smartphones in September. For the original specs we’ll have to wait, but as far as it is predicted, 5se has got the body of 5 and the mind of 6. Also, there are rumours about an awesome new camera. Hold your horses, people.

Analysts have warned Apple Inc. that it has reached its peak in its business cycle (I was so delighted to hear this, because I hate Apple and its overpricing market skimming activities), and is about to see fall in the business. Reports show that the increase in Apple’s sales in recent times has been the lowest of all times. In response to this major setback, Apple has sought to retain its profits by any means.

I perceive that in response to these reports, Apple is desperately seeking to push the wheels to motion again by special edition smartphones by,

1. Retaining its market of small-screen-users. Reports show that the humongous sizes of iPhone 6 and 6s were the most criticized among the customers.



I know, right? Yeah, it seems they finally got the hint.

2. . They’re removing the cheap iPhones from the market, like iPhone 4s and 5c, 4s was selling for as low as Rs. 12,000. Mind you, low here is relative to pricing in the Apple tree. This will obviously put Apple’s market share in India at stake, which is being taken over by ultra-low priced Xiaomi phones and moderately low priced smartphone players like Google’s Moto and Micromax. Maybe who knows, Freedom 251 too (You know I’m only kidding, right?)



Overall, it does seem that Apple is anticipating and gearing up for its impending decline, and it might take certain interesting decisions in the future to retain market share, if the decline stays this way. Only time will tell whether Tim Cook will cook something up or will Apple and Cook finally have a good dish worth serving. We live in exciting times indeed :) :’)

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