National anthems are the pride of many nations, through which every spoken word recounts the country’s history and its hopes for a brighter future. Atharva Muley has been recognised in India’s Book of Records, for not only upholding the national Anthem of India but also for respectfully singing the national anthems of numerous countries in the shortest period of time. This 18-year-old alumni of Anand Vidya Vihar from the 2020 batch made a national record when he sang 69 national anthems in the shortest time period. India’s Book of Records (IBR) is a 2006 founded association established with the goal and agenda to recognise and identify the most talented and unique personalities across India and provide much-needed recognition and appreciation.

The Anand Vidya Vihar alumnus cleared the 12th board examinations with 86.40% and is currently in University where he is pursuing his BA in Psychology. Out of interest in the world’s diversities, Atharva took it upon himself to learn the numerous anthems of different countries across the world. “I know the National Anthems of 85 Countries and anthems of 8 states. A Few countries like Iran, Libya, Nepal, and New Zealand have adopted new national anthems over the years and for such countries, I can recite their old ones as well as their newly adopted national anthems,” he says.

During his tenure in the school, he always displayed his strong desire to express his creativity and constantly engaged in numerous extracurricular activities and platforms for student talent which are annually organised by Anand Vidya Vihar. 

Throughout his academic life, he has taken national anthem recitals as his personal passion and creative expression, beginning with the Indian anthem which he can recite in Bangla, Tamil, and Arabic. Through his unique skill sets, Atharva has not only been learning the lyrics to such national anthems, but he has also been learning the composition, structuring, and the historical significance which it holds to the numerous countries which he has had the privilege of comprehending. In total, he has developed the ability to recite a total of 99 anthems including the new and the old, along with state-wise and nationwide. He now stands as the pride of Anand Vidya Vihar and also of the State of Gujarat to be recognised amongst the most uniquely skilled persons of India.



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