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An Open Letter To The Open Letter


Long ago once, a scarlet letter opener was a precious utility asset to hold. Nowadays, it is a mere vintage metal cast. Somewhere between stamps and email ids, we all turned techie.

Moreover, these days, with everything laid out in the open for everyone to see (ref: facebook statuses), a growing trend is “The Open Letter”. It seems to be a means of conveying a message to (most usually) a public figure communally, thereby often challenging their image.

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Now, sending a message is one deal, but creating a social drama out of it? That’s unnecessary! So when we received a letter to all the open letters in the world by a very special pen-pal, we decide to lay it out here too. Just as the world likes it.

Dear Open Letter,

Buddy, where did the good ole days go? When we were “written” instead of “typed”? What has life become for letters now? We go from anonymous to famous. And I feel sad really, we are mere public figures… we live a life of unrestricted viewing: we are stark naked for anyone to see! I miss those days of enveloped posting and privacy!

Do you remember when we had emotions, personal handwriting, and pretty papers? Truly, a lover to his beloved, a patriot to his leader and a soldier to his mother… those were the kind of sentiments involved in our ancestors’ creations. Letters were harbingers of a timeless essence. A revolutionary secret, the precious perfume of a woman, a mother’s tears…When received, would convey more than just words. These days? There are “emojis”, “Times New Roman” and other overly-used fonts, and MS-Word “Letter” formatted papers! Gah! Where is the feeling?

But as sure as the dress was white and gold, one gains even as he loses… We have done much good for the world, you see? I recently heard about someone having written an open letter to Salman Khan and someone else to Taylor (Ref: Blank Spaces). That’s really nice… it’s like sending messages to someone whose phone number you don’t have, and never will because obviously, they are out of your league. And the message will get across nonetheless, at least to people like Modi and Obama, who spend their mornings reading all that was posted about them. However, letters are not all about people contact. They are about feelings.

A foodie cousin of ours was recently addressed to Maggi. Yeah, the banned noodle. There was also one political friend of mine; he was posted by an opinionated citizen to three politicians. A mother once wrote a piece counseling all teenage girls about life changes. That particular one belonged to some chicken soup sort of blog.

So there! We are the new way of public expression. They praise, insult, consult, advice, or simply write through us. It’s a noble job – ours, I think. And I do believe we should keep at it. Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp have their places. But in the end, movies like “Her” feature letters like us (well, at least our personal friends)!

Yours dearly,

Another Open Letter.

To read some of the scandalous open letters that the public is writing, please follow the links. If our opinion be taken, you WILL have a good time!

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Open Letter to Salman Khan:

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Open Letter by Vir Das to Gandhi, Kejriwal, and Modi:

Vir Das’s open letter to Rahul, Modi and Kejriwal

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