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An Hour Before, Yet An Hour Ahead


By Sneha Garodia

tea-garden-6The heading must have left you in a perplexed state of mind. Well you need not look into the ideological meaning of this. This place is neither too far nor very near. But it has decided to follow the ‘chai bagaan’ time instead of the Indian Standard Time. The bagaan time refers to a daylight saving schedule introduced by the British for better energy savings on tea plantations more than 150 years ago. The aroma of tea, the chirping of birds, the rejuvenating air and  the mud ‘haats’ on the sloppy hills waits to welcome you with open hands and warm hearts. The combination of these features distinguishes it from any other place in the country. No marks for guessing, as it would be none other than Assam, now known as Asom!


The breathtaking loveliness of this region is hidden in its mountains and the hills, flowing rivers and the innocence of the animals pacifying in its jungles. The magnificent beauty of Assam is failing to catch the eye of many tourists in our own country due to the militant and political disturbances persisting in the area.  But nevertheless, Assam is visited by many foreigners who appreciate its efforts of conserving many endangered species of animals, birds and plants. They come all the way to visit Kaziranga National Park, the only home to the one-horn rhinoceros. The Asian elephants and many other varieties of birds and animals have chosen to reside here too. This state is blessed by all the realms of nature and has abundance of greenery and water. The Brahmaputra River provides enough water to the farmer’s fields here. Also, the famous Kamakhya temple in Guwahati is believed to be a sacred and holy place for many people.

A photographer taking a walk in the surroundings can’t miss the sight of the beautiful and multicolored, migrant birds and butterflies. And for all those tea lovers out there, Assam tea is a must have! In fact, the intoxicating fragrance of the tea leaves can fill the nostrils of any passersby and leave him mesmerised. The lush green tea gardens are the trademarks of this very state.

flowers_of_assam_4Also, the largest riverine island in the world, Majuli is located in Assam which gives us the opportunity to indulge into various sport activities. Assam is a home away from home as the people in this region are very warm and welcoming. They practise the philosophy ‘of Athiti DevoBhava’ and make every effort to comfort their guests.

Assam is the perfect place for a nature lover, a photographer and any person who loves to take off sometime from their daily, sedentary lifestyles. It can heal a person in the arms of Mother Nature which is still free from the dark and intense pollution of the metropolitan cities. It definitely doesn’t have high-rise fancy buildings but, it has unfailingly preserved its forests, flora and fauna. It is an unexplored place which protects too many hidden secrets!

Kaziranga National Park 276So, anyone who wants a respite from their city lives and is an explorer must visit Assam. You never know, which treasure you might come across!


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