Shahid Sharif is a 29-year-old youthful and very talented business visionary from the nation of Pakistan. He has arrived at new achievements in the area of PC and innovation. Given his family foundation, it was the most troublesome test that life kept before him. He retaliated and won with flying colors! 

Shahid Sharif urf, Shahid Zaki started navigating his professional venture when he was in ninth grade. His first PC was a Pentium 2 PC station, on which he appreciated doing programming. Despite the unlimited censures and detachment from his family, Shahid went out on a limb and chose to go ahead with his love for PCs! 

Shahid Zaki was born in a village in the Kasur District of Pakistan. He then moved to the city of Lahore, Pakistan, where he sought after Computer Sciences in B.Sc. to finish his preparation in the Field. The city of Lahore gave Shahid an outlet of chances and professional improvement. 

Today, Shahid Zaki has exceptional abilities in the IT world. He desires to continue to advance further in this area. Shahid Sharif has a multidimensional organization of himself, known by Frame Hype LLP. The organization has a huge potential in branding, designing, developing, and social media marketing services administrations for various public and global customers. 

He handles the Social Media Marketing and Management part of the business. Overseeing and refreshing web-based media profiles (like Facebook, YouTube) for their customers and drawing outmost crowd through these stages for the benefit of their customers is one of his work. 

Shahid further wishes to establish a framework to fabricate an environment for supporting developing IT new companies. Through this association, Shahid plans to find other substance makers in the distant backward regions. The association targets prospering unwealthy individuals with enough freedom and assets for their development. 

The organization looks for enthusiastic people that are prepared to bring a change through computer abilities. They endeavor to help the individuals who can’t manage the cost of additional schooling because of monetary and individual issues. 

Frame Hype affiliation seeks to give these understudies, assets, and openings that would help in redesigning their range of abilities while at the same time guaranteeing appropriate polishing of their talents and interests. 

Shahid Sharif had to confront many demoralizing circumstances in his course of life. The absence of suitable assets, monetary and moral help was a significant difficulty in his profession. Distance to resources and guidance was a major impediment delaying his objectives. 

Through his organization, he wishes to convey these changes to similar brilliant young people. It works so that don’t have to confront interferences and subsequently, can follow their career and make every second count. You can contact Mr. Shahid Zaki via his Facebook

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