Watch: Moments In The Last Decade When Hindi Cinema Made Us See Life In A Different Way

Bollywood- a storyteller's paradise

Since Dadasaheb Phalke’s silent movie, ‘Raja Harishchandra’ in 1913, Hindi cinema has been every storyteller’s paradise. With passing time and developing narrating techniques, Bollywood has improved a lot.

In recent times Hindi cinema has offered a wide range of stories to its audience. In the last decade, as society has fallen prey to self-defined conventions, Hindi cinema gave us moments that made us re-evaluate our lives.

Let’s take a look at few of them.

Dear Zindagi

In 2011’s Dear Zindagi, Kaira breaks down as her personal life and career get messed up. While taking help from her psychologist Dr. Jehangir Khan, she realizes life can be led in simpler terms. With his unconventional methods, Khan becomes the friend she always looked for and the eye-opener we all needed.

Gully Boy

In 2019’s Gully Boy, Murad sees the world through a poet’s eye. Zoya Akhtar uses her camera to show us what he sees- the invisible socio-economic boundary that holds us back from reaching out to the ones in need of help.

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Deepak’s life in 2015’s Masaan, is anything but happy as he belongs to a casteist society. While he finally finds some happiness in Shalu’s love, life doesn’t allow him to let go of his frown as he soon finds himself standing in front of her lifeless body, burning down in the funeral pyre.


2015’s Tamasha had us reweighing our life’s choices as we saw Ved stepping away from the race of being a mediocre and doing something that made him happy.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Although Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in 2011 was a movie about friendship, it also made the audience rethink their career plans. Like every other workaholic of today’s generation, Arjun plans on spending all his time at work till he reaches 40, hoping to live a lavish retired life after.

One day he meets Laila who makes him stop in his tracks with one simple question- what if he didn’t live till 40? That day, like Arjun, many of us learned the importance of living in the present.

There are many other moments from the Hindi cinema that can be added to this list. With brilliant storytellers weaving beautiful stories every day, the Indian audience is bound to be rendered speechless in the future as well.

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