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AlloHash: The first platform that enables users to transact on cryptocurrencies without internet connection


USA, January 15, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, A more than a decade after blockchain’s invention has passed by and we’re already seeing positive and revolutionary changes in our world. Hundreds of businesses are investing in cryptocurrencies or coming up with blockchain based projects, including old school companies like Microsoft and Atari.

The hard reality is that with the increasing competition between companies, the later are now faced with the urgent need to show more innovation in order to attract more users than their competitors. In fact, AlloHash is one of the companies that tried to come up with a unique and revolutionary idea. The AlloHash platform is designed on the Ethereum based blockchain using smart contract technology.

The company enables users to sell, buy or trade cryptocurrencies without the need to connect to the internet. This sounds too good to be true isn’t it? Well, now it’s possible and it’s happening!

How does it work?

“The platform will be of great use to people who would like to carry out an urgent transaction but there is no internet signal,” said the company representative. AlloHash also provides its users with a solution for the long confirmation process and the high fees.The process is quite simple, all you have to do is be a part of PTA: Person to application revolution that AlloHash has started. It consists of sending messages from a mobile user to an application, which enables the start of an interaction with a business or company.

The platform enables users to use SMS instead of the internet, in order to trade cryptocurrencies. There are no personal or account details that are required.

“The mobile way to send, trade or convert cryptocurrency by sms! “ _As it’s mentioned in the company’s whitepaper.

The user is provided by a pin in order to identify himself in every transaction, which ensures security. So, when users want to send a transaction all they have to do is to start a new SMS saying “Send 0.1 BTC to +12348769”. After commanding the platform through the new SMS, there will be a transfer of the balance instantly without paying high fees or waiting for the confirmations. SMS can either be used to initiate or authorize payment or in some situations act as a unit of currency or exchange. And, the price for one SMS is 0.0192 EUR.

As for the interface, it is user-friendly and the process is also quick, easy and safe. “The system is easy to understand unlike most digital payment platform and trading exchanges which have interface which is hard to comprehend since they have lengthy process and require loads of verifications and documentations.”, as the company representative stated.

Tracking and optimizing transactions are allowed by the professional analysis tools that the control panel provides. Checking balance in real time, administrating services and payment methods, viewing statistics and interactive reports of sales, and more: are all interesting perks that the platform provides for their users.

AlloHash vowed to provide its users with not only instant transactions, but also reliable and secure platform.

Great customer support will be granted, thanks to the company’s professional team. The later latter is responsible for monitoring the transactions made, ensuring security and thus, preventing fraud attempts.

The company’s team stated that they “are committed to bringing you more options as the product matures”, which is a sign of how open they are to trying new ideas and implementing more features in the project. This is a unique and a revolutionary project, and eyes will be kept on the company’s progress for the next few months.

Media Contact

Name – iyess safari

E-mail – contact@allohash.com

Phone no – +13172295789

Company – AlloHash

Country – USA

Address – 10 e Washington st

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