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Alia Bhatt: From Butt Of Jokes To Uber Cool.


“I think it’s a buy one get one offer because the price tag is only on the left sandal” that’s what tickled my funny bone when I saw this meme on facebook last night and whoosh!, the latest video by AIB brings a full stop to all the “Alia Bhatt trolls”. Well yeah! Alia Bhatt has truly turned out to be genius of the year.
The video is filled with funny, ingenious and the much needed sarcasm. It begins on a gloomy note with Alia feeling downhearted about the blunders she made in the much anticipated episode of Koffee with Karan featuring the trio from SOTY. Feeling miserable and dejected she went to Dumb Belle Mental gym that promises her to take from Dolce and Gabbana to smart life Shabana. After several days of dieting (reading newspaper, Murakami and twilight on a cheat day) it follows with the trainer understanding the correct technique to train such a case. He uses songs, t-shirts and nail paints to teach her the concepts of physics, politics, chemistry, sports and everything else in the world. Well prepared with her homework she heads towards Karan Johar’s show to prove her might (just like giving a reappear exam). Feeling just a tad bit nervous she gives away all the answers “like a boss” and finally comes out triumphantly.

Beautiful! This video brings out the deep dug questions in our society. It brings up the misconception related with the concept of dumbness. We see a person who doesn’t know much facts, always remains conscious about looks and style and doesn’t watch “the big bang theory” as dumb. Dumbness is lacking the sense of good judgement. That’s it! It’s dumb to call a person with weak facts as dumb. Also it brings forward the much needed gender equality with Karan Johar saying- “We have hot and clever heroines, they are called heroes!”


Our world is growing very fast and so are our thoughts. We have evolved ourselves into this mental state of judging a person just by a set of few things that our society considers cool. We often end up over exaggerating little mistakes that people make. In other words we have lost the power to forgive, forget and then start afresh. We often claim to be open minded by saying “education should not be confused with intelligence” but take no time in expecting women to be both hot and intelligent, men to be intellectual, strong and high earning and kids to be swimmers, singers, artists and class toppers at the same time. In all these judgments we lose our friends and also a part of ourselves. This video teaches us a lot like analysing ourselves if we are becoming way too judgemental, the gender differences that our thoughts create in society, the cool new teaching techniques and yeah what’s the black hole information paradox!

So leave behind all the prejudices about Jr. Bhatt and enjoy the video.



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