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Alere G1 Glucometer – ED Review


This time around we try and understand this disease that plagues many people, of all ages and from all over the world. Diabetes is essentially when your body stops managing the glucose that our body produces and shortage of insulin which is a vital hormone that absorbs glucose.

Diabetes is not like a cold or fever that goes away after taking a certain amount of dosage. It is a life long disease and one has to always be careful of what they eat, how much they eat and taking their medicines on time.

A big way to take care of oneself is keeping a tab on one’s blood sugar and glucose level and thankfully there are many in the market today. Some of them are pretty easy to use and one can operate them by themselves too.

On the recommendation of a friend, we decided to review Alere G1 Glucometer, this new brand that is already getting a lot of positive feedback. In case anyone has not heard of them, Alere is the world’s biggest POCT (point-of- care) diagnostic firm.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Alere G1 Glucometer is that it uses highly advanced, world’s first gold biosensor technology, something that not many other brands can boast of. Where most other brands use carbon electrodes, the gold used allows it to get almost lab like accuracy result. The result time is extremely fast too that is, within or less than 5 seconds you will get your results.

Alere G1 Glucometer

Another great thing about the device is that it is not overly complicated, the steps are laid out in the manual very well, and the various parts of the device are easy to use and handle. I particularly liked the automatic strip ejector which prevents the spread of infection and ensures hygiene.

Also, the device can maintain up to 5 different patient records. This could be really nifty as now a whole family can use just one device and keep their own separate records.

Speaking of nifty, the test strips which are needed on a more frequent basis and thus result in being expensive are perhaps the most economical for Alere G1 in regards to diabetes management.

Another plus point that works in favour of the Alere G1 Glucometer is its feature of alternate site test, which basically means that you can measure your blood sugar level from another body part instead of just being restricted to your fingertip and the result will still be accurate.

On further research, we found that compared to other devices in the market, Alere has a few strong points over them and seem to offer more features. Take a look at this chart here:

Alere G1 Glucometer

Anyways, if we truly get down to the numbers, then apparently the Alere G1 Glucometer has a lab-like accuracy result guarantee and almost every major ICU or Emergency Department in India has Alere machines available in them.

The size and weight of the device is just light and easily fits into the palm of your hand.  The device can also be carried around in your pocket without much hassle.

Priced at Rs. 1495/- for meter plus 25 test strips free and alongside offering a wide variety of features which other brands are not, I believe that Alere G1 Glucometer is a good bet.


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