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AIDS Virus Created By The CIA To Wipe Out Homosexuals And The Blacks? Conspiracy Theory Unfolded


By Gayathri Naga

It is common knowledge that the AIDS epidemic began in Africa in the 1980s when a monkey virus “jumped species” to first infect Africans. At this point, you need to make a mental note that this is only in theory and not a proven fact.

Ever since the first case of AIDS has been reported, a lot has been speculated about its background. One such rumor that persisted long enough to acquire some high- profile believers that the virus was actually created by the CIA to wipe out homosexuals and the blacks.

Yes, that sounds quite alarming. Why would the government and scientists create such a deadly virus in laboratories to kill millions of people? Somehow, even if they actually did it, how did they specifically inject the virus in the gay and black communities?

Hold on there, smarty pants. This theory might across as the plot for a medical thriller, but we’ll present arguments that’ll make you think otherwise. So, let us find out if this virus was indeed created by scientists or Mother Nature.



1. First AIDS case uncovered in Manhattan.

The conspiracy theorists believe that the epidemic didn’t begin in Africa as the first AIDS case was reported or rather uncovered in Manhattan in 1979, much before any cases being reported in Africa. Now that we have facts supporting first half of the theory, let’s see how HIV was introduced exclusively into the gay community.

There is certainly no evidence available saying that white gay men were the only people exposed to sexual contact with Africans, especially at a time when the epidemic didn’t exist in Africa. Also, it is quite impossible that a sexually-transmitted disease will affect ONLY young, white, healthy men in Manhattan! Despite this, it did happen. But we are repeatedly being told that AIDS began in Africa even when the American epidemic overtook it well ahead in time.

 2. The suspicious connection between HIV outbreak and genetic engineering.

One cannot possibly ignore the relationship between the rise of genetic engineering and mixing of viruses and the outbreak of HIV in the late 1970s. This connection can be observed to be just ‘emerging diseases’ caused by ‘ new viruses’ that continue up to current times.

In the 1970s, it was discovered that retroviruses could be found normally in the genes of many animal cells, and scientists easily had the power to manipulate the virus to produce horrible effects on the immune system. Also, in “species jumping” laboratory experiments, many viruses were transferred between various animal species and were also adapted to human cells.

Could there be a connection between the laboratory manipulation of primate retroviruses in the 1970s and the outbreak of AIDS? Or do you still think that Mother Nature conveniently pick that exact same time to jump monkey (primate) genes into homosexual men to just revive the science of retrovirology and the careers of virologists?

 3. The Gay Experiment and AIDS outbreak.

The time period when the Hepatitis B experiment began at the New York Blood Centre is quite coincidental to the earliest AIDS cases in America. The Centre began its experiment by injecting gay men with multiple doses of the experimental vaccine in November 1978. This ended in October 1979, less than two years before the official start of the AIDS epidemic. The highlight being that, the vaccine was developed in chimpanzees – the primate thought to contain the “ancestor” virus of HIV.


It is hard for me to believe that the introduction of HIV into the most hated minority in America was caused by monkeys in Africa, particularly when AIDS seems to have appeared immediately after the gay experiment. Then why are primates in the African wild blamed when thousands of captive primates in virus labs all over the world have been injected with infectious viruses and cancerous tissue for more than a century?

We can’t tell you why the government or the scientists did it, there could be million ambitious reasons and not one of them will be good.

The mere thought of man-made AIDS is quite disturbing. All of this could seem too fictitious to be true. Also, now that we have presented three well-known facts that just strengthen the prospects of AIDS being man-made, it is time for you to evaluate and find out for yourself. And it is up to you if you choose to believe or not.

So, what is your opinion on this conspiracy theory? Do you still choose to believe otherwise? If so, tell us in the comments below.

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