Everyone always talks about the end of the world. We’ve had several predictions come up, that state exactly when the world will come to an end. There was the big one in 2012, where people even had parties and genuinely believed that the planet would be destroyed.

Beyond that too, across the years predictions and ancient texts giving the exact time period when the extinction of the world as we know it have come out. The whole concept is also no longer as morbid as it once was, considering we can see the slow destruction of the planet anyway on a daily basis.

Climate change, societal unrest, increase in violence, more frequent natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, forest fires, and much more are clear indications that all is not well with the world.

In the midst of all this, an artificial intelligence (AI) image generator has created some of the last selfies that humans could take before the end of the world.

Last Selfies Before World Ends

DALL-E 2, an AI image generator created some realistic last selfies on Earth before the world would supposedly end.

The images are “how the last selfies before the Earth dies will look like” and show spooky and scary backgrounds full of fire and destruction, clouded skies, and humans entirely disfigured, some looking skeleton and zombie like, injured and just entirely terrifying to look at.

The images were first shared by Twitter user @volterinator and by ‘Robot Overloads’ on TikTok. The TikTok account take user prompts and creates AI generated images from them.

Here are how some of them look like:

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This certainly shows the grim reality that could be awaiting us in the future and raises a lot of topics around human behaviour, what they believe to be important and more.

Image Credits: Google Images

Feature Image designed by Saudamini Seth

Sources: Moneycontrol,  Livemint, Times of India

Find the blogger: @chirali_08

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