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After Selling 1 Million Items Online, Novelty Ink Launches Its Automation Program for Aspiring E-Commerce Entrepreneurs


Renowned customization entrepreneur offers proven, turnkey approach to flooding Marketplace stores with eager customers; Ability to earn over $1,000 per month while doing nothing.    

WILMINGTON, Calif.— Jan. 10, 2021 — Today, Ralph Delgado, the renowned entrepreneur and executive at Novelty Ink, announced the launch of a new Marketplace automation program that enables e-commerce entrepreneurs to flood their online stores sites with eager customers—without having to do the heavy lifting of creating merchandise or investing any capital up front. The program, which is now seeking new partners, is an extension of Delgado’s family printing and customization business, which has been producing custom printed apparel and other personalized items for over 20 years. Delgado explained, “Our services are very different from other marketplace automation programs. Unlike many other companies, we do not charge $10k-30k for our services. Rather, our services are FREE for selected partners and our success is tied to yours.”   

Delgado was inspired to achieve his business skills during his childhood, which he spent working alongside his father, an expert in the customization industry. Novelty Ink is now a print on demand e-commerce company that specializes in the fulfillment of custom products. Its sales surged during the pandemic as online demand for the products increased and has now sold over 1 million custom items in less than 2 years for their partners. He added, “If your online store is selling products, that means Novelty Ink will be busy with manufacturing and fulfilling orders for you. It’s a WIN WIN for both partners. Everything is made in and shipped directly from Los Angeles, CA.”   

Delgado’s program helps partners set up an online store. The automation program includes a graphic designer, a customer services representative to answer all the customer messages, a product listing expert, and a marketer to ensure your ads are getting maximum returns. The feedback from the clients is great, the team at Novelty Ink does all the work, while the clients just have to pay for their products to be shipped out. 

For more information go to: https://noveltyink.com/sellonline Or Ralph@NoveltyGroup.net Follow Instagram.com/djralphretro 

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