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The AAP Factor…!



By Nikita Rana

Aam Aadmi Party -famous for its bizarre street politics has been a harbinger of change in the arena of Indian Politics.

    • I don’t want security– “Security should not be given to me, sec urity should be given to the Aam Aadmi (common man) first”. So finally Kejri is no more a common man. While this adamant man is busy refusing any security cover, sources reveal that Indian Mujahideen is devising plan to abduct him for fulfilling their nonsensical demands. Kejriwal why u not take security and focus on long-term issues?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           46


  • I don’t want official bungalow- So the state-of-the-art lutyen’s Delhi bungalows were not able to create their charisma on Kejri. Result- Mad house hunt went on and on. After all this brouhaha consensus was reached at C-II/23, at Tilak Lane. Thank God he didn’t initiate another SMS poll for the same.                                                                                                                                                                                                  47


  • I don’t want VIP red-beaconed cars- The man in the driver seat of AAP is on a mission to abolish VIP cars culture. From Epic metro and bus travels to AAP leaders driving e-rickshaws, all invited extensive media-coverage in the recent months. Hollywood moment! Yay??48


  • Janta darbar- While the head honchos were hard to reach earlier, Kejriwal decided to listen to grievances face-to-face. But he was forced to change his tune after chaos struck at janta darbar organised at Central Secretariat.  Focus on small things, rest will fall in their place. While the whole idea is admirable, professionalism in implementation is what it lacks.                                                                                       49

And the latest in the line being, the Dharna protest, demanding action against police officials who refused to carry out a raid on an alleged drug and prostitution racket in South Delhi last week. Imagined any chief minister initiating dharnas?  So now Delhi would be governed from a protest site as kejriwal decides to run office from there only. Now none other than our chief minister would be responsible for traffic chaos, shut down of metro stations, tarried preparations of Republic day and scuffles between Police and protestors. The Patel Chowk, Central Secretariat, Udyog Bhawan and Race Course stations were forced closed by Delhi Police leaving thousands of commuters and travel haywire. No doubt, the cause is noble; Kejriwal must show more maturity in dealing with sensitive issues.

While Delhi Chief Minister is busy making headlines every hour with his out-of-the box ways of governance, our young generation is busy applying their creativity with out-of-the box trolls these days….

Honesty trolls on the way…… Enjoyyy….

  • Honesty is…. Oops Kejriwal is the Best policy. And now google also agrees because #Kejriwal is so honest that if you find meaning of honesty on Google, it will say did you mean Kejriwal? B)
  • Johny Johny! Yes Papa; eating sugar? Yes Papa….. Nahh Not my mistake but Kejriwal’s Version. :P
  • So the next time Kejriwal types ROFL he may reply a bit late because #He actually rolled on the floor laughing. :D
  • Now, under Kejri-Raj, Memory cards will be arrested when they get corrupt. :O



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