By Gunjan Pandey

So what does Kanpur remind you of? Robin Hood Pandey, Jagdishwar Mishra or Raja Awasthi? I must thank B-Town for bringing my city to the limelight.

Well, besides what movies have always told you about Kanpur, there’s a lot you don’t know about this city and Kanpuriyas (as people of Kanpur are commonly called).

So without further ado, let’s explore some uncharted territories and talk about some really rare and cool facts about the city:

#1. Blast From The Past:

The city of Kanpur has journeyed right from “Kanakpur” in Ramayana to “Kanpur” in 1948. It has changed its name plenty of times till now.

Various sources mention the archaic names of Kanpur as “Kanhaiyapur”, “Karnapur”, “Cawnpore” etc. Undoubtedly, it is a historic city and played a major role in the first struggle for freedom and is an eye-witness of the Indian Mutiny in 1857.

“Boodha Bargad”, literally meaning “Old Banyan” located at Nana Rao Park itself narrates the callousness of British Empire. 144 sepoys were hanged on this tree.  Located on the banks of River Ganges, it is a pious place as well.

#2. We Don’t Just Worship Gods:

Was Ravana a demon for you? If yes, you need to switch back to mythology and read well about him. Please don’t be surprised if I tell you that the city’s Kailash Temple was built in honor of Ravana.

When effigies of Ravana are fired all across the country on Dusshera, people here are chanting, ”Ravana Baba Namah”.

Well, no one can compete with us when it comes to respecting others. Being deeply rooted in our culture and traditions, we believe that every individual personality should be looked up to as an inspiration. No one is perfect after all!


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#3. The Art Of Bone Setting:

Bonesetters of Kanpur who use their bare hands, wisdom, and experience, possess calculated expertise in this field. But, only a few people are well-versed in this art.

Broken bones and swollen nerves are healed from bhringaraj, gooseberry stems, and raw ginger and smoothened with an eggshell.

It is an ancient technique and dates back to sushruta samhita.

#4. The Local Delicacies Are No Less Than A Fancy 5-Star Meal In Terms Of Taste:

Ever been to “Thaggu Ke Laddu”? Have some laddus there to know what else people eat besides paan in Kanpur. “Aisa koi saga nahi, jisko hamne thaga nahi”. I didn’t say this but “Thaggu Ke laddu” did.

Besides, this shop is also famous for selling a special kulfi called the “Badnaam Kulfi”.

Yes, “badnaam” (infamous) and not “baadaam” (almond).

Moreover, if you are a fan of golgappas, a shop called Motijheel offers you the same with five kinds of flavoured water to satiate your street food needs and kebab lovers can’t afford to miss “Baba Biryani”, when in Kanpur.

#5. What Else Kanpur Has To Offer:

A city once called the “Manchester Of The East”, was a leading producer in the leather industry.

Apart from that, it has progressed a lot in all the fields. With IIT Kanpur, HBTI and Kakadeo as leading centers of education, Kanpur is known for imparting high-quality education as well.

If you come to visit the city as a tourist, one will be surely amazed after visiting the Allen Forest Zoo and JK Temple.

No matter what, being born and brought up in Kanpur, this city has always fascinated me. Stepping out on Kanpur Central still gives me goosebumps.

And to all my Kanpuriya folks out there:Garv se bolo ham Kanpuriya hain!”

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: DNA India, NDTV, Wikipedia + more

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