A Procrastinator With Quality Or A Punctual Guy With Mediocrity? Whom Would You Rather Have On Your Team?

To all the bosses out there, this one’s for you!

The dynamism of today’s world has always called for a two-way communication between employees and bosses. And based on that communication, it is decided how the employees will put in effort.

But talking about the psychological aspect of the employees, they are usually of two types : a) The hard-working, dedicated professional who may or may not reap any profits and b) The slacking procrastinator who in simple words, GETS THE JOB DONE. Words like “deadlines” are secondary priorities to the latter half, wherein they focus more on the quality (which is somehow projected in the last minute).

Now, the question goes out to the bosses. “Whom would YOU hire?” The minimalist professional or the methodical procrastinator?

Being a procrastinator myself, I agree to this 100%. Haha.
Being a procrastinator myself, I agree to this 100%. Haha.

This article is just for a minor analysis of the two types, thus putting a question as to what YOU would do because hey, you maybe the boss of a company and you’re reading this article.

Let’s go with a little list for analyzing this :

1. Work Ethics :

The basic and most clear difference between a procrastinator and a punctual man is their work ethic.

The former doesn’t intentionally delay but usually has a plan of how to get the job done in the shortest time with maximum results.

Now, although this guarantees creativity and results to a large extent, it disturbs internal communication with his fellow colleagues and hierarchical officials and causes confusion and/or chaos on multiple-deadline based projects.

On the other hand, the punctual man will get you the numbers with his regularity. The final product may or may not be up to your desired result but the regularity and numbers will be there, by the dot. This is in stark contrast with the former as here, results depend on multiple factors of the involved individual and the probability of desirability is always juggling,

2. Psychology :

Oh, my favorite part.

The psychology of a procrastinator is usually laid back with sheer self-confidence, sometimes mistaken for cockiness or misdirective tactics. Truth is, he knows he can do it but he just doesn’t FEEL LIKE DOING IT NOW. He knows his creative stretch and is willing to capitalize on it and provide quality but he needs to be in his zone to tap into his potential.

Layman terms : Generally, procrastinators are talented AF. AND THEY KNOW IT. That’s why they delay tasks subconsciously because they know they can get shit done hassle free in the final stretch. Their confidence comes from their ability. Period.

Now, the hard worker is like the neglected adopted child of this strata. He may get you the same results but he takes his time, gets into a critical analysis and then takes a step. People like these are generally level headed and always have a subordinate feeling even when it isn’t needed.

3. Behavior :

Now, a procrastinator says and does what he feels like (obviously in a civil domain) but he is always a laid back character, the guy with the wise advice but no full proof action plan, as they tend to be spontaneous. This is exhibited in their behaviour as they are more open minded to surroundings and throw naive-ness out of the building before doing anything.

The Mr. Rules guy on the other side is usually a level headed, calm fellow who is generally very mannerful and dedicated to his goals, always striving for acceptance and validation of his peers and seniors. This trait, although a good characteristic of a typical employee to reap benefits should start and end in the 4 walls of the office. Dedication and self-confidence should go hand in hand.

4. Innovation :

As much as a procrastinator is lazy, it is safe to say that he is usually a better thinker outside the box but this may be a hazardous way to go by in situations when big  numbers are at stake. Although, instinctive thinking, and innovation is preferred but there are times when other factors need to be taken into account.

Now, the straightforward, no BS guy usually follows this rule of assessing “the factors” and takes care of all nooks and crannies before execution of a particular task. He may or may not be an innovative thinker but usually follows a certain path which leads to a slow but steady+constant rate of success.

So, there you have it! The 2 types of personalities which you may look for in your employees.

Your move, bosses.

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