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A Nutritionist Turned Tech Entrepreneur – Interview with the Founder of LivingWriter


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With the grit and hustle of a born and raised New Yorker, I bonded immediately with Casey Kerbs, the founder and CEO of the writing app I wanted to understand the drive behind a woman that left her impressive private career as a nutritionist to start a successful tech company. 

LivingWriter is mentioned a lot in this interview so I’ll give you a brief rundown of what it is. It’s basically if Google Docs and books on “How to Write a Novel” had a baby. A sleek baby, that talks, and tells you to let go of Microsoft Word if you’re planning on actually finishing a book. 

Creating A Writing App for Novelists and Authors

Casey understands that there’s no such thing as an overnight success in business, and that you have to accept that there’ll be some sleepless nights and keep going. “To be successful you have to be very hands-on,” she encourages. “You’ve got to have a hard separation between your work time and playtime. And you also have to be willing to stand the test of time itself. Giving up, even during setbacks is not an option.”

It all started when she had finished writing her book on Weight Loss and lifestyle management. The writing process and keeping all her research together had been so strenuous that she decided there must be a better way. And with that, LivingWriter was born. 

Casey says it took her three years from the idea and into making a regular profit. Although she was able to cover her initial investment and costs in a few months. The feedback she got of LivingWriter from fellow writers she says is crucial to keeping her spirit alive and motivated. 

She’s also been happy to do her own research and not go along with the norm. That’s resulted in valuable partnerships with best-selling authors that have endorsed LivingWriter as their go-to writing app. 

Relationships do matter. Especially relationships with customers. That’s what Casey thinks is forgotten when it comes to today’s tech products. You’re looking at a blank wall of a company with no human interaction. She says her success comes largely from making sure she’s relatable, truthful to customers and personable. This goes the same for her staff. Every writer on LivingWriter has a specialist dedicated to answer questions whenever they might have them. A real person – not automated chats.  “We are very honest and transparent, from the beginning,” she says. “I know that LivingWriter is the best writing app out there, but if it doesn’t work for you and your needs, we require absolutely no commitment.”

While her business has faced some hardships during the pandemic, she was able to offer services for free to those desperately needing an outlet to write in 2020. 

I’ve personally reviewed and used and I can honestly say that it does give you all the tools you need to “escape” for a while. Escape from the harsh past of 2020 and into your stories – all the fantastical adventures that you can get into through them. I’d recommend any writer to take a look! It’s got tons of features like story elements, quick writing templates from best-selling authors, and more. It’s also got companion apps for IOS and Android for writing on-the-go.

I’m still a Microsoft Word fan, but the idea of having my writing readily available on my phone has started to become more and more appealing. Maybe I’ll be a convert soon!

Planning for the Future

The future for Casey is simple in concept but tougher in execution. She wants LivingWriter to be known as the best writing app out there. It’s been gaining more and more traction and as more high-profile authors endorse it – I’m sure anyone that’s a writer will be hearing its name more and more. 

If you’re interested – try it here for free: 

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