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A man from Ludhiana who changed the Digital Marketing Game in India, Vivek Kumar Nagi


“You may see me struggle, But you will never see me quit.” says Vivek Kumar Nagi.

A name that needs no introduction, Vivek Kumar Nagi, is one of India’s youngest Digital Marketers whose ecommerce website crosses INR 7 Million sales each quarter, which is just amazing. The young soul at the age of 23 created a milestone by changing India’s digital marketing industry.

Self-dependent since college days, Vivek was keen on understanding digital marketing and online learning for a long time. Pursuing his B.Tech CSE Engineering degree from Ludhiana, Punjab, in 2016, he started his entrepreneurial journey and, since then, never took a pause.

Hustling and learning without a break, he is now jeweled to be the Certified FB and Google Ads Expert as well as Certified Digital Marketer by Google and Facebook. The Indian Ecommerce and Dropshipping experts do not plan to stop here.

Looking in the future, he intends to establish and expand his business by launching two more eCommerce brands and the digital Marketing agency to help potential clients reach people. A Branding expert, Vivek has helped various business houses to establish their unique image in the competitive environment and looks forward to helping various others as well.

The down-to-earth young boy leading a lavish life proved to the world that hard work never goes in vain. Working closely with the aggregators, Vivek believes in continuously polishing skills, as the Indian eCommerce industry has a broad scope of improvement and quite a several potential untapped areas.

The story of the success of Vivek Kumar Nagi is a sheer example of hard work and determination. The young boy who thrived to become one of the top Digital Marketers continuously challenged himself and proved himself successful against all the odds.

A true inspiration and example, Vivek is an entrepreneur who inspires many young minds to follow their dreams with determination and patience.

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