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A Major Arbitrage Platform Updates about Their Cold Wallet


Dublin, Ireland – Arbitly is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform for individual investors or traders. The platform had commenced operations in January 2020, but now nearly 1 year later, on the first anniversary, rumors are spreading concerning loss of cryptocurrency following a cold wallet hack.

There is mute around locking customer withdrawals has led to misinformation and confusion around what’s happening with the platform. The rumors were thick enough to halt transactions for since past 24-36 hours.

For nearly the past 48 hours, uncertainty about why Arbitly has suddenly suspended its cryptocurrency withdrawals continues. The ongoing suspension has been puzzling to many, but the platform representatives maintain that the move is just a security upgrade, and should complete in 48 hours.

However, a vlog was released yesterday by Marco Fanger, Arbitly CEO, confirming nothing to worry, as team is working with local authorities to control the situation. Only time will tell what reality is!

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