Businesses and various economies have been hit tremendously during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even now when countries have initiated their economic operations, consumers are still reluctant to spend money. 

Travel, tourism and hospitality are among the worst-hit industries. Food joints and restaurants have observed minimal to no sales during the pandemic. Various restaurant owners have expressed deep concerns regarding their business losses during this entire fiasco.

Not only business persons but salaried employees in the organized and unorganized sector have witnessed major pay cuts and job losses. These are tough times for everybody, from both economic as well as health perspectives.

While various enterprises are struggling hard to boost their sales, a sushi restaurant in Japan has found an opportunity in adversity.

Delivery Macho

A 41-year-old chef and bodybuilder, Masanori Sugiura, the owner of a 60-year old restaurant named ‘Imazushi’ in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, came up with a unique concept to boost the sales of the restaurant.

According to The Japan Times, in February, Sugiura ranked third in the world championship for bodybuilding. 

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He introduced the concept of “Delivery Macho” service. He told a news website that he started this for fun along with a group of five bodybuilders. His bodybuilder friends have been out of work during this pandemic so he decided to combine two professions in order to boost sales. 

The customers are really fascinated by this unique delivery service. The delivery boys (bodybuilders) also take off their shirts upon request by the customers. Customers are allowed to pose and click pictures with them while following social distancing, of course.

The only condition to get a taste of “Delivery Macho” service is that the customers have to place an order for a minimum of 7000 yen ($66).

This delivery service caught attention as soon as this idea went live on the restaurant’s official website. Currently, the restaurant gets 8-10 orders on busy days and earns about ¥1.5 million from this service.

Amazing, isn’t it? Finding unique opportunities amidst the ‘new normal’ is the need of the hour. Those who can master this art can survive well even during the pandemic. After all, it is the marketing of your products and services that can take your business places.

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