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Racism:A Grievous Blow To The Intellect


By Mallika Sarna


We continue to live in a world where humanity has diminished to the extent where individuals have become callous and look at each other as enemies who could put the entire world at stake for their own personal gains.

Then who is to be blamed for the emergence of the “self centered” trait in individuals? OR Are we suppose to blame ourselves? Theists say that the divine being, namely GOD, created this magnificent world and the people it holds. He did not incorporate characteristics like “unfairness”, “prejudice”, and “inequity” into us and yet all of them persist within us.                                            So, we are to blame ourselves to drive our capabilities in a negative direction.

RACISM is a notion that is based on views that see human species to be divided into races with shared traits and abilities such as personality, intellect, morality and other behavioral characteristics so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

It has expanded tremendously throughout the globe and has frightened and agitated people to a great extent. There have been many conventions and summits to lessen or dilute racism completely but it seems like an everlasting phenomenon. We all encounter racial attacks on some pretext in our day to day lives. It has become a very common phenomenon and seems inevitable.

A very recent and prominent racial attack that took place and has been highlighted by various mediums of social media is of the killing on Nido Tania, son of Arunachal health and family welfare parliamentary secretary Nido Pavitra, who was provoked based on his cultural differences leading to his vexation and later death. In the year 2013, an Indian restaurant owner became the victim of racial attack in Australia.

The suffering and trauma of a racial attack experienced by a victim is indecipherable. But if sane people like us wouldn’t raise our voice against such attacks then who would take a step forward, insane people ? Or will we continue to live in a secure society would always remain a distant dream?


Racial equality seems to be a never ending fight. But some hope does remain for the racially abused and conscious citizens of our country. Right from Lincoln’s fight against slavery, to Martin Luther King Junior’s dream, our past does offer us hope. It is our responsibility to rise above the rest and help anyone who is subjected to this malice. With every passing generation, there seems to be an improvement related to this situation. There are some setbacks, but positive steps are being taken as well.

So next time you witness an act of racism, don’t be sympathetic towards it. Be empathetic and defend that person, for if we all enter the world in the same manner, doesn’t it make sense for us to treat each other as equals as well?



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