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5th July 1946: The entire country of France is basking under the sun, now that World War II is finally over. People are rejoicing, and peace has started to settle in the nation.

However, it seems like some people have already started misusing this freedom. They have stretched it to the point where they are exposing their almost-naked bodies, something that is not in our culture and not a fashion statement.

What Happened?

Renowned French Designer Louis Réard, a former automotive and mechanical engineer, designed a two-piece swimwear, called “bikini” for women and displayed it at a poolside fashion show.

Louis Réard has disrupted the fashion industry by designing bikini, just a week before Bastille Day

The release of the bikini, which consists of four triangles derived from only 30 inches of fabric, has sparked debates all over the nation.

The term bikini originated from the site Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, where the atomic bomb testing took place earlier this week.

Finding a model brave enough to carry its revealing cut and risqué design with grace and confidence was more challenging than designing the costume. No one was ready to endorse such a controversial outfit, and that is when Micheline Bernardini, a Parisian stripper was hired to model the bikini.

Micheline Bernardini modeled in the bikini at the Piscine Molitor, a popular swimming pool in Paris

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What Inspired Louis To Come Up With The Idea Of Bikini?

The idea of swimwear with minimal cloth struck the designer’s mind when he was managing his mother’s lingerie business. In the town of St. Tropez, which is known for its golden beaches, he noticed women rolling the sleeves of their swimsuit to get a suntan.

There has also been a severe lack of clothing material owing to World-war II. As a result, fashion brands and designers are getting more creative and experimenting with minimum fabric. So, Réard’s new invention is in sync with this trend.

Swimsuits are not an uncommon sight in France, but to design something as revealing and inappropriate as a bikini is taking it too far

His design consists of a bra top made up of two triangles to cover the bosom and supported by a fabric string and panties made up of 2 triangles, one in the back and one in front. It leaves the navel uncovered and flaunts your body splendidly. Daring indeed!

Is Bikini Going To Change The Face Of Modelling Industry And Fashion?

Even for a country like France, which is renowned for fashion, designing something which leaves most body parts bare is stretching it too far. 

Louis has challenged the entire humankind, which wants women to wear anything less than a gown only inside the four walls of their room. The concept of letting a woman’s body breathe is bizarre to Frenchmen. It is yet to be seen how the fashion industry adopts Réard’s idea of liberty.

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