The University of Calcutta is one of the biggest and oldest universities in India. Established in 1857, this University is considered the “Crème De La Crème” of the Indian academic sphere. It houses the largest number of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students. But these are the factual information.

When you are a part of such an old institute, there are some things you become inherently a part of, things that may have gone on for generations.

It’s the tradition mixed with contemporary is that gives life to the University. Here are some of our own sayings that give life to the university with each year and each generation.

Bansh Bagan

The CU students will know what this means. “Bansh Bagan” i.e. Bamboo Garden is what CU students ‘endearingly’ call the university. The university is rather infamous for putting its students through various adversities, be it random date changes in exam dates or changes in the syllabus.

HUGE Syllabus

Speaking of syllabus, the syllabus of various courses of CU is huge! So huge that multiple sections are left unattended wholly. If you can complete CU’s intended syllabus in one academic year, you are no less than a genius!

You may be studying English or Philosophy or opting for Journalism but Calcutta University syllabus remains the same.

Scarcity of Marks

If you have finished the syllabus, that doesn’t ensure that you’ll get good marks. CU is infamous for its marking technique where they have taken the idiom “Less is More” too seriously. The college still follows the old classical approach and views in study.

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Official Woes

Suppose you have committed a mistake in a document, you have to come to the Darbhanga Building in main campus to correct it. If you think you will be out in an hour or so, haha you are so wrong!

The work can take almost three to four hours minimum and days at worst. The officials are ‘delightful’! It’s going to be an experience of a lifetime for you.

Imagine & Eagle

If you are a PG student of CU College Street Campus, most precisely if you are a part of the English Department, you would know what this is. The tallest roof of the tallest building in the campus.

A safe space for everyone, every thought and every “adda”. Something very near and dear to all of the students of Asutosh Building (the humanities building).

College Street, Coffee House And Everything In Between

The aesthetic and the ideal of college street breathes life into the mundane lives of students. Just a walk into the streets filled with books, the ancient coffee house, Paramount, Basanta Cabin, etc are like the stuff of legends.

To walk in the streets on which many legends have walked upon is in itself a surreal experience. This street encapsulates the old essence and old soul of Kolkata.

The People

Last but definitely not the least the people here are a true blessing or curse the way you interpret it. In a class of 245, you’ll find Kolkata’s best and worst. There will always be people who’ll pass you the counter and the ones who will report it to the authorities. You get my point, right?

No matter how sweet or bitter the CU experience is, no matter how tall the “bamboo” grows in the field, CU has always been a pathfinder and rule-breaker in many ways. It has given birth to legends and spun a thousand success stories. It is the land of endless possibilities and the next could be you.

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