Established in the year 1906, Jadavpur University (JU) is a familiar name in Indian academic sphere. Established as Bengal Technical Institute, the institution was converted into a university on 24th December 1955.

Every year, students from India and abroad come to study at JU, a university that is famous for numerous other things apart from being one of the best universities of Asia.

There is a famous saying about JU.

Students generally say in Bengali,

Jadavpur er ekta hawa ache! Nijoshwo hawa!”


“Jadavpur University has a wind. Its very own wind.”

This unique wind of Jadavpur is nothing but its very own traits that make it different from other universities and students of Jadavpur University can easily relate to these traits.

It is not all about the course:

You may be studying Economics or Political Science or opting for Electrical Engineering but Jadavpur is never about restricting you in your books, courses or semesters.

As a student, you are exposed to world-class literature or can learn about politics and different ideologies or can be a part of cinema enthusiasts and watch the screenings of world-class cinemas. If you are willing to explore, your Alma Mater has it all.

Meetings at Milan Da’s canteen:

If you are a Jadavpurian, or you call yourself a Jodubongshiyo, you are surely familiar with Milan da special “aloo bomb” and “gorom jol” i.e Aloo pakoda and black tea with no sugar.

Milan Da’s canteen near gate number four is the meetup destination for JU-kids. A lot happens at that canteen over teas, coffees and plates of full of ‘aloo-bomb’.

Learn from Kafi Da & Rimi Di:

Well, Jadavpur has a trait of addressing professors as Dada and Didi, i.e Brother and Sister.

Abdul Kafi, a senior professor of the Bengali department is so near and dear to the students that they can stay captivated for hours when their dearest Kafi Da speaks.

Not to mention, Kafi Da does not just talk about literature but helps and motivates his students to grow, think and stay mindful. Making students good human beings is one of his prior concerns.

While Kafi Da’s seminars get over-flooded with enthusiastic students, Professor Rimi B Chatterjee is all about embracing the modern world.

Be it taking stern steps for protecting animals, or being a part of RAINBOW March, Rimi Di is the friend, philosopher and guide of students. 

If you are in the Jadavpur campus and see a woman taking a class in the garden wearing glasses with a wise smile on her face, know that you have found her.

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Hok Kolorob:

Jadavpur University is politically active. Students, professors and even the non-teaching staff of this university have their individual political stands and they are pretty vocal about it.

Be it the Kashmir issue, or making a demand for better hostel facilities, students are capable of asking questions to the authority fearlessly.

Whether you are actively into politics or you are not much into it, it is impossible to spend years in JU without witnessing any political rally and protest.

Enchant your beloved at Greenzone and Jheelpar:

Scared to ask your girl out for a date? Not having much idea about where to take her? Jadavpur University campus has everything for you.

You can spend some time at Greenzone which is a famous ‘Adda-zone’, covered with greenery and then can have tea from Suruchi Canteen and spend a wonderful evening at Jheelpar.

Only a Jadavpurian can tell you how beautiful the Jheelpar looks during the evening.


Whether you are a student of Jadavpur University or Presidency University or the University of Calcutta, you just cannot miss Sanskriti, the annual fest of Jadavpur.

It is an annual carnival for students. Every year, bands like the Indian Ocean, folk artists from Bangladesh come to perform at OAT, Jadavpur.

The fest is tailored to whole day-long programmes, lots of activities and vibrant fashion shows. It is, no doubt a wonderful experience to cherish. 

The ground:

Be it a political GB (general body meeting) or a football tournament or a folk performance, I bet every student of JU has something to tell about this ground.

We all have lots of memories knitted to this ground. After the classes, this ground tends to become a famous ‘adda’ place for the students.

It carries a lot of stories and can make any student nostalgic about their university days. 

Being a student of Jadavpur University, I cherish these memories. Do you have more to share? Write your thoughts in the comment box.

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