What is your definition of shocking sex practices? BDSM? Group sex? Sex at unusual places?

You are but a child when it comes to kinky sex, then. It’s time to learn something about both kinky and sex from the various tribes around the world. Actually, it’s more shocking than kinky.

1. Drink your own semen:

The Sambians of Papua, New Guinea believe that the best way to be a man is to drink your own semen. So, tribal boys are removed from all female contact at the age of seven and made to live among males.

The younger males are made to drink the semen of elders thinking it will rejuvenate them.

But it doesn’t stop here. To virtually erase all forms of female contact, the men are pierced with sharp objects chronically.

Also, the men indulge in an induced nose bleeding ritual that corresponds to their wives’ menstrual cycles. They shove splinters up their noses to make them bleed.

Wait, what?!

2. Eat your own penis:

The Mardudjara Aborigines from Australia are all into masochism. For them, you’re not really a man until you rip your penis and eat a part of it.

The men in this tribe undergo a brutal (yes, no anesthesia) circumcision and eat their own foreskin flesh. Then, they incise their penis longitudinally and pour the blood over a fire to purify it.

And then they live happily ever after urinating from the underside of their penis rather than the urethra. Funny how medical science thinks that’s a surgically correctable condition called ‘hypospadias’!

3. Have sex if you trip:

The Gujirao people of Colombia, Sri Lanka have a weird ritual where boys and girls dance together in separate lines.

If a young girl were to accidentally or intentionally trip a boy/man while dancing she’d have to have sex with him.

I’m sure we all know some people who’d be willing to fall down anytime for this.


4. Sewing your vagina together:

Not all of the tribes are so kinky about sex. Some of the tribes are really regressive about intercourse and want to avoid it to the best extent possible.

But some tribes of Eastern Africa and Peruvian Indians go a little too far to prevent pre-marital sex: they sew and clasp together the labia majora of all of their women leaving behind a very small opening for urination. This practice is called infibulation.

This practice is a little different from genital mutilation where essentially the clitoral hood of flesh is removed in an attempt to not let the women enjoy sex. But the very essence of both practices lies in repressing sex.

The people of Inis Beag, an island off the coast of Ireland like to have sex with their underwear on.

I’m still thinking about how that is even possible.

6. Mutilate your woman for great sex:

Well, it’s not so much as mutilation as it is a ritual for tribal women of Zaire in Africa.

Here, the women undergo a ritual known as Cicatrices where they are cut from the breasts to the groin area. The wound on healing is fibrosed and the line extending from the breast to the groin is called Cicatrices.

Well, I’ll be grateful I’m not born as a woman in Zaire.

7. Making love to donkeys:

Hey, it might sound funny to you but it’s anything but funny to the people of Cartagena, Columbia. Being an essentially Catholic area, sex has always been a very secret affair here and pre-marital sex, unthinkable.

In order to have a taste of sexual gratification, the men of Cartagena sometimes took it out on their farm animals.

Now we all know a little bit of bestiality happens always anywhere but those in Cartagena took it to another level by making it a compulsory practice for men.

All men in Cartagena are required to have sex with a donkey because they believe it makes them stronger. There’s more. These people also believe that the size of their penis will increase on having sex with a donkey.

Well, good luck with that.

This list is just about the tip of the iceberg. Lots of other weird stuff like wife stealing, wife exchanging and wife sharing going on around the world but none of them, as shocking as these ones.

Do let us know if you have any more kink to add, in the comments section below.

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  1. Gujirao people are in Colombia, which is a whole different country from Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka there is a city called Colombo, so I can see where the confusion took place. But there is no such ritual as having sex if you trip, in Sri Lanka

  2. 5. What is so unusual about having sex with your underwear on? You can always pull your dong out through the opening or the leg! I have done it lots of times when I am not at home!

  3. clothing is the struggle to achieve the ultimate sex life… my blood pressure will be 14 degrees… but these tribes women are sooo hecking hot!

  4. Sex in underwear can be exciting to me it only makes things tighter and helps catch the after word stuff women i have know are in for it they love the mess in their underwear so no big deal and can take less time from taking off underwear .

  5. Why do you think r*ping donkeys is funny? There’s something deeply wrong with this writer. Really hope she doesn’t procreate and have sons…


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