The job of a radio jockey (RJ) is not simple. Ask RJ Malishka, if you don’t believe me. Haha. The idea of mesmerizing your audience with solely your voice over a defined time period is a lovely skill but it gets tougher when you’re a radio jockey on a night show. Then, it’s a whole new world.


Because the night serves as an unrestricted playground for the gypsies and lonely souls who get out of their caves and engage in shenanigans with their respective lovers or in most cases, with themselves. If you didn’t get the joke, watch PoGo.

So we decided to have fun and come up with a list of all the crazy things we could actually do if we get a chance to be a radio jockey on a night show.

Radio Jockey On A Night Show
A still showing Vidya Balan playing a night show radio jockey in “Tumhari Sulu” (trailer link at the end of the post)

#1. Trolling Our (Not So) Beloved Exes:

We all have those exes, don’t we? The ones with the baggage, the cold shoulders, the gold diggers and the psycho stalkers. Why not use radio as a platform to mess with them at night?

After all, any perverted ex-boyfriend would love to have someone like “Sulu” call them in the middle of the night to talk about their fantasies, except they’ll be revealing them to the whole country.

And you know what they say, folks. Revenge is a dish, best served on radio. It’s a real quote, I’m not making this up.

#2. Talking In Super Perverted Voices To Anybody Who Calls:

The night is a medium of innocent mischief and the radio station is a haven for that. So let’s have some more fun, shall we?

Imagine being greeted in a not-so-subtle and naughty tone with catchphrases you may have never imagined hearing from a radio jockey on a night show in your wildest dreams. Be that figure and be a hit on the radios all over the country!

Who knows your dream man or woman might end up calling and you get to have a little fun with them?

Be a prankster radio jockey like RJ Naved!

#3. Helping Indian Men With Tips To Be Better With Women:

Now while we’re having fun, let’s spread some education.

Indian men have had a hard time being “smooth” with women (I wrote an article about it which can be read here) and if you’re a radio jockey on a night show, why not help your fellow brothers and teach them a trick or two on how to get their funky on?

You’ll save them the fear of striking out and help facilitate romance between two people. How noble of you. Haha!

 #4. Help Those Oh-So-Helpless Lovers In Need:

Not all one-sided lovers are sleazy, desperate and have stalker tendencies. Well, most of them do in India but you get the point.

As an RJ, you can even go anonymous and help these innocent lovers and misguided souls with tips to find their match and show people that there exist better ways than MTV Splitsvilla to find that special someone!

#5. Invite Couples And Give People Tips On Relationships:

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

You don’t need to have super successful and celebrity couples like Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut (their e-mail exchange is quite romantic!) on your show to give tips about relationships. Start with normal people.

Help those in need. Boley toh “Gandhigiri Zindabaad”!

Look around, you’ll see plenty of them. Invite them out, make them share their experiences and you could teach a thing or two to your listeners and get a few pointers yourself!

Let’s turn the tables a little and go from being super educational to super quirky in the next 2 points on this list:

#6. Play The Most Silly & Naughty Games With Your Listeners:

Oh, you’d love that, wouldn’t you?

Imagine being in an empty studio with a microphone broadcasting your voice to the nation in the hour of the lovers and what do you do? GET FRISKY WITH YOUR LISTENERS!

Ask them questions, play games, get to know them, build a connection, share their thoughts and in the midst of all this, you might actually gain a few regular fans who’ll tune in just to listen to you!

Most of us know that RJs need to be fun and interactive and the night is the best time to be that. Help your listeners forget their boring day and spice up their night with your voice!

#7. Make Your Family Listen To Your Show And Watch The Magic Happen:

After fear lies victory. The rephrased tagline of the Mountain Dew advertisement applies quite seamlessly in this situation and why not?

Imagine the hilarity and adventure that will ensue when your parents listen to you on the radio and find out that you’re a freaky radio jockey on a night show.

Most parents who still believe that doctors and engineers rule the world will definitely get an idea that it’s equally important to have fun in life and doing what you love is a great way to achieve that.

A radio jockey on a night show is a free soul with an almost universally applicable licence to have fun (within legal limits) and that’s the licence you get. The cherry on top is that you get paid for it. Haha! Also, you can even take your parents to your studio and show them where the magic happens!

What happens after that is not my responsibility, though.

So there you have it, folks! That’s our list of all the fun things we’d do if given a chance, like Sulu, to be a radio jockey on a night show!

Think you know more such mischievous ideas? Let us know in the comments!

In case you’ve missed the teaser of Vidya Balan’s Tumhari Sulu and her tryst with night show radio jockeying, check it out here:

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  1. I am radio jockey and I only do night shows and trust me this is the best time when you can play with your voice. You can use lot of expressions & can add voice modulations in your voice and express your thoughts with your listeners. So night shows are the best shows in radio industry.


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