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Adding Bling to your Winter Wardrobe


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your clothes have to be drab and unflattering! Pep up your wardrobe, and feel cozy and stylish at the same time. Say goodbye to the winter wardrobe blues, because you seriously have a multitude of options to choose from.

1. Scarves/stoles – They are undoubtedly the first on our list when we think of winter fashion. They can be as varied as the weather, with  so many possible styles that it’ll blow your mind. No, don’t regard it as a piece of fabric, it’s a tool of transforming your entire look! Here are my personal favourite knots-

      scarf                                                                            scarf3

2. A bright coloured blazer- The life saver of a plain t-shirt and jeans, a neon/pastel blazer can do wonders to pep up your wardrobe and your mood. Most colours will go with your favourite pair of skinny jeans, paired with a neutral coloured top.

blazer2                                                 blazer1  

3. Leather boots-A pair of knee high boots adds oomph to your outfit, undoubtedly. Black, brown and grey are the hits this season. Grab a couple with laces or metal studs, and nail the look!

boots1                             boots2  

4.  Sweater dress-if you’re bored of sweaters and jackets, this is a safe option where you just can’t go wrong. It gives you a stylish look and at the same time is open to experimentation. Pair it with stockings, or just like that. A necklace or scarf can be added.

   sd1                                                            sd3    

5. Printed trousers-Yes, thank god for these, or we’d have spent hours breaking our head over what to wear. Even if you  wear the same sweater or top, a different trouser can make that go unnoticed. Get ready for a new look, everytime. You no longer have to wear those drab pairs of jeans that all look the same!

trouser1                                          trousers2    

6. Hats-Look more dressy and ready to show off your all new wardrobe with the unforgettable winter essential- the hat. It may be a beanie or a more formal looking hat, or a casual cap for those who’re into “swag”.

  hats1                                 hats3                  hats2



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