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66th Indian Republic Day : One Nation, One Soul!


So, well, I am all set to celebrate our country’s 66th Republic Day.
It is my first time here and I can feel my heart thudding extra loud with all the anticipation. I have duly borne early morning drizzle and chilly winds, raised eyebrows of my folks at having left home at 5 in the morning, the painstakingly thorough security checks and slightly moist seats here at Rajpath. It will all be worth it, I know.  I am able to spot some big-time political honchos and famous (or so I tell myself) diplomats.  As a first timer,  I plan to gawk at the spectacular airshow which features as the grand finale because honestly, I have always doubted that DoorDarshan  never really got that  right.
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So, it’s finally happening, India will usher 66th year of its Constitution coming into force with a grand spectacle showcasing its military might and cultural diversity. The cherry on the cake is that we have the US President Mr. Barack Obama honoring us with his presence as the Chief Guest. Obama is the first US Prez to have been a part of India’s R-day parade. Also, this will be the first time, this extravaganza is going to be broadcasted internationally. And not to forget, this is the first time entire contingents comprising  of women hailing from the three arms of military, that is Army, Navy and Airforce will take part in the Republic Day march past celebrating women empowerment. Truly this is a day of many firsts.

Rehearsal for the Republic Day parade
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The date 26th January has been inked in our nation’s consciousness, as a day for indulging in patriotic fervor. On this date, 86 years ago on twenty sixth of January, 1929 the Indian National Congress passed the ‘Poorna Swaraj’ resolution. Since then 26th January has been celebrated to commemorate the struggle for an independent nation free from the chains of Imperialism and Colonialism.
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On this date 66 years ago, the longstanding dream of our fathers became a reality; India became a sovereign democratic republic. It is a day to glance back and learn from our past strifes, analyze the present and plan for the nation’s future.
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The President Mr.Pranab Mukherjee on eve of Republic Day yesterday (January 25, 2015) addressed the nation. He talked about the year 2015 as the year of hope. We have a stable government at the Centre, there are signs of economic revival with GDP growth rate forecasted to touch 5%. But, there can never be any room for complacency. We are threatened by a host of geopolitical and social matters. In his speech he talked about the increasing tensions across our borders, threat of terrorism, his concerns over women safety in our country. Surely, we have a long way to go but with an amalgamation of conscientiousness, upholding of Constitutional values and spirit, we can work the odds in our favor.


With Mr. Obama’s visit, we have opened a new chapter in Indo-US ties. Signing of bilateral trade agreement and Civil Nuclear Deal we have the opportunity to establish India’s strategic leadership over the South Asian peninsula. We can be looking forward to transfer of defense technology, cleaner energy, production of indigenous armaments and a boast to our manufacturing sector.
As I wait for the misty fog to unfurl and a catch a glimpse of Mr. Obama and the ‘beast’ of his car, it is time for my dearest reader to tune into DoorDarshan and soak up the vibrancy of our culture and the valor of our soldiers.
Jai Hind!

By Shriya Dargan




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