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6 Premier League Signings To Look Out For Next Season


The latest season is almost upon us. The teams have began arming themselves with heavy artillery for the war to come.

The transfer window has been a busy one with a few surprising signings and many opting to swap their shirts for different colour.

We picked out 6 signings which we believe will have the most impact in decided who’s the last one standing.

(In no particular order)


Sadio Mane


From – Southampton

To – Liverpool

Transfer fee: £34 million

Mane is definitely a risk worth taking. Though a little unpredictable, he’s single handedly destroyed top clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal on in the past.

He’s already adapted to the Premier league which eliminates the ‘transition’ period. His unpredictability and superb dribbling ability are his greatest assets.

It’s amazing how Liverpool sign so many players from Southampton and still end up below them. They’ll be hoping to change that this season.


IIkay Gundogan


From – Dortmund

To – Manchester CIty

Transfer fee: £21 million

Guardiola’s first signing as a Manchester City manager. He will add much-needed stability to City’s midfield. Also, he does not seem like a guy who would cry if the team does not celebrate his birthday.

His pin point passing and creative brain combined with defensive talent and a great engine is sure to have an impact on where the blue side of Manchester end up when the dust settles.


Granit Xhaka


From – Borussia Monchengladbach

To – Arsenal

Transfer fee: around £30–35 million

Once dubbed as the ‘young Schweinsteiger’, there are few other players with his potential in central midfield. His aggressive nature (something Arsenal desperately need) coupled with an eye for a pass make him the ideal defensive midfielder.

Although not the most popular name, he exhibited his talent in the Euro and was named ‘Man of the match’ for the first two group games.

Arsenal will need all the help they can get to win that elusive Premier League trophy after twelve years and, well, not come fourth again.


N’golo Kante


From – Leicester City

To – Chelsea

Transfer fee: £32 million

After Chelsea’s underwhelming season, changes were imminent. Signing Kante is a massive boost, there are few better defensive midfielders out there.

Kante is one of the main reasons why Leicester became champions. His energy is bewildering and his tireless running is an asset which any team would be lucky to have.

But only time will tell if he’s able to adapt and be successful in his transition to a bigger club.


Henrikh Mkhitaryan


From – Dortmund

To – Manchester United

Transfer fee: £26.3m

Manchester United have undoubtedly been the biggest spenders in the transfer market. Among the plethora of signings, Henrikh Mkhitaryan stands out for his exceptional performance with Dortmund last season.

The assist machine also managed to score a whole lot of goals. Manchester United was in desperate need of a playmaker due to Juan Mata’s inconsistency, and they’ve managed to fill that whole perfectly.

With Wayne Rooney and young talents like Martial and Rashford spearheading the attack, Mkhitaryan’s role as the creative brain will be pivotal.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic


From – PSG

To – Manchester United

Transfer fee: Free

The perfect description for Zlatan would be a serial goal-scorer with a massive ego. Off the back of arguably his career best 50 goal season, Zlatan’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Manchester United’s scarcity of goals is what cost them a champions league spot last season. Mourinho’s doing all that’s in his power to ensure that this season is not a repeat of that.

And what better way to make a statement than sign one of the best strikers in the world. United will be hoping their target man fires on all cylinders.


With so many World-class managers entering the league and teams still looking to strengthen before the transfer window ends, the hype around next season is phenomenal.

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