Students making fun of teachers or mocking them good-naturedly is nothing unusual. It is almost a guaranteed school experience of sorts, in fact, it is a very common thing whenever there is a power dynamic in any place.

Kids make fun of their parents, employees create jokes about their bosses and students have a laugh over their teachers and professors, it is just what happens.

But at the same time there is a limit to how far these jokes can be taken, ridiculing them in a lighthearted manner that does not actually affect their career or reputation in any way is totally fine. But anything beyond that that could impact their real life or pulling pranks that can get physical or lead to potential harm and injuries is absolutely not done in any scenario.

This is even more so if the teacher is disabled and students are taking advantage of it in a very rude way, something that happened with a professor from a Kochi college.

The incident of 6 students ridiculing a disabled professor from a college in Kochi had been much talked about when it first occurred, raising questions on several issues with it, however, now action against the students has been meted out.

What Is The Latest Development?

As per reports, the six students which also had a Kerala Students Union (KSU) leader will have to submit a public apology to the professor in front of the college governing council members and parents. The decision was taken on Wednesday by the council after investigating the complaint filed by C U Priyesh, an assistant professor with the Department of Political Science.

Priyesh, a visually impaired teacher at Maharaja’s College in Ernakulam was mocked and insulted by 6 students while teaching a class to the BA Political Science students.

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The students further recorded it all on video and shared it on social media, post which the college filed an official complaint with the Ernakulam Central police station under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act.

However, the complaint was later withdrawn because the teacher himself requested it.

The students including C A Mohammed Fazil, KSU unit vice-president, V Ragesh, N R Priyatha, M Aditya, Nandana Sagar and Fathima Naflam were all suspended by college authorities on 14th August 2023.

According to reports, the teacher was quoted by media saying “I didn’t know that they were videoing, nor that it had gone viral on social media. I have a social responsibility as a teacher. The children should be made aware of their mistake and brought back.

Only those who have experienced it will understand the difficulties of being blind. Only those who have gone through similar life experiences will know. For a one-hour class, I prepare for two hours which includes listening to computerised reading.”

A teacher also said that “The teacher sought disciplinary action against the students as they should realise and rectify their mistake. The venue and other details will be decided later as the college is now closed for Onam holidays.” 

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