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6 Compelling Reasons to Invest in SEO this Year


End-of-the-year promises – personal and professional – tend to become obsolete in the first two weeks. But still, the big calendar change is a good opportunity to review strategies and ask ourselves again: what can I do better?

If you have active digital marketing campaigns and you don’t have an investment reserved for organic positioning, I have a possible answer to that question. Do you want to improve your strategies? Invest in SEO services!

What is SEO?

When we search for a term in search engines like Google, a set of ads (called AdWords) appear, followed by ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ results. They are not advertisements but genuine sites that try to answer the question we have asked, arranged in a ranking.

All that work to climb the rankings is known as SEO. And despite its importance to most sites, it is often neglected in digital marketing strategies.

But for most websites it is very important to work on it and this is a great time to start. You want to know why?

Here are 6 reasons to be serious about SEO in 2021:

  • Organic traffic continues to be the main source of website visits worldwide. On average, 51% of the traffic of all the websites in the world comes from organic searches, against 10% of paid traffic (AdWords), 5% from social networks and 34% from all other sources of visits.
  • In Google searches, the user is 20 times more likely to click on an organic result than on an AdWords ad, according to MOZ and JumpShot. In other words, the organic results beat ads by 20 times.
  • The SEO users are more loyal as they came across your site when they were looking for exactly what you offer. Some of the clicks on advertisements are by chance or confusion.
  • PPC results will improve. The changes you must make to your site to rank organically will make it a better candidate when you start bidding in pay-per-click campaigns down the line.
  • Working on the SEO of your site also has repercussions in other areas: the codes will be more verbose, the content of the site will have a more solid base, social networks can contribute in a round trip and above all, you will correct technical errors on your site. All of this will be very useful in the long run.
  • On average, 40% of online sales comes from SEO traffic, according to BrightEdge. Sounds profitable, right? And it definitely is.

How do I invest in SEO in 2021?

Like all services, it requires specialization, so you have several options: invest money in hiring experts, invest time in learning how to do it or invest your company’s resources so that they have time and tools to learn. If the investment pays off, this is what we can expect:

  • Gain visibility on the Internet.
  • Improve the brand image.
  • Higher number of sales/conversions.
  • Cost savings in advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Generate credibility and engagement with the client.
  • Take advantage of word of mouth to attract a greater number of target audiences.
  • Improve the usability and performance of the company’s website.

Of course: DO NOT invest in SEO in the following 3 cases:

When you want or need ultra-fast results. Before investing a penny in SEO you should know: it takes 3, 6 or 12 months to have results, depending on the difficulty. SEO is a long-term strategy.

When your potential clients don’t use Google to search for your service. To find out if that’s the case with you, you can use common sense (would someone search for _______ in Google?) If your answer is no, then don’t worry about SEO.

When your budget is low and you cannot guarantee continuity in the investment. If you have funds available to invest only for a couple of months and the future is uncertain, you better wait and save a little more. Or make a minimal investment to kick off but without expecting massive results.

To learn more about search engine optimization, check out Chris’ SEO blog.

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